Two years ago I had the opportunity of writing some short stories which (eventually) I want to compile into a book.  These stories are called ‘God’s Waiting Room’ and are based on various situations arising whilst waiting for the bus in a little village full of  wonderful characters.  The stories are mainly funny but some are touched with some sorrow.

I showed them to an author friend who loved them and encouraged me to continue writing.  Since then I have written a short story for Flash Fiction Fridays and have had a Pod-cast of this (2nd Jan 2012), as well as two stories accepted for a compilation E-Book to be published (for Charity) in March 2012 – this features writers like myself but also successful, published, and award-winning writers and their work.

I am also planning on co-writing a book with an award-winning author of 20 books, as well as writing my own novel, ‘Ms Birdsong Investigates’, which is my first attempt at Crime. Ms Birdsong is a 40 something ex MI5 agent who has retired, somewhat under a cloud, to a rural Oxfordshire village seeking the quiet life, hoping to keep a low profile in case her past catches up with her.

In addition to ‘God’s Waiting Room’ and ‘Ms Birdsong Investigates’ I am writing a book based on a character who traces her grandmother’s long-lost family in Ireland as a result of her Family History Research. 

‘Long Way to Tipperary’ and is full of humour as the character journeys to Ireland with family members to meet their relatives for the first time.

I am married with one son and three Grandchildren and love Reading, Writing, History, Science (all areas) and Walking, Photography, Travel and just about everything really. I have lived and worked in America, Europe, SE Asia (including Singapore and Taiwan), Germany and the UK and I enjoy ‘People Watching’.

I do hope you will enjoy my blog and give me feedback.  I shall write whatever comes into my mind, as well as share my writing experiences and favourite authors with you (published and unpublished) and possibly the odd photo or two that I have taken and am proud of!

Thank you for sparing the time to visit here and read this.  Your  time is precious and so your visit is most appreciated.

And do not forget that later in March 2012 the Anthology I have two short stories included in is published.  The book is called Telling Tales by Writers for Welfare (the   belong to) and the publisher is MoonWorks Publishing.  It is to be sold in aid of The Norfolk Hospice.

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  1. Yvonne, thanks so much for your support and for taking the time to visit her. I am looking forward to seeing yours soon. You must be as excited as I am about The Writers for Welfare anthology we are both contributors to, being published soon. Keep visiting and I shall look out for your Blog.


  2. Hi Jane, love your blog!! Will do mine eventually. Mega impressed with what you’ve done with this. So proud of you. Yve xx


    • Hi Yvonne, are you still blogging at all? I saw the doggie one but are you doing a writing one as well? Hope so as we can exchange info and blog each other. Hope Mum and the hand are well…let me know. Come back again soon, lots more photos here and I will update when I get time. xx


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