Witchery afoot in my Blog account!

Spent all morning trying to access this account and kept getting password rejections and then user rejections and yet nothing has changed as far as I know.  Totally confused by all these obstacles which prevent me from getting down to writing and updating things.

Life is just one huge password/pin number hassle and then there are the secret questions and answers you are supposed to remember, and the phone numbers and so it goes on.  Life was so much easier before all this technology in lots of ways.  I just wonder how elderly folk cope.

Added to which the aerial needs changing so that we can get Digital TV – only just found out.  How I miss my Sky.

I am not a techno-phoebe.  I love and embrace most aspects of it, but when it goes wrong, boy it goes wrong.

Oh well, back to the struggle with logging in and out of goodness knows where.  Then some writing, though I am no longer in the mood…..well, we shall see how it goes.

Categories: Blog

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