To write today or not to write today…..

Well, I don’t know what is wrong with me this week.  I had great intentions of writing a few short stories and possibly trying to publish them on ‘Smashwords’ or similar.  I see so many author colleagues doing it I am seriously considered using them. One has sold 24,000 copies of her book in about 8 months!

Then I was going to go back to my Novel ‘Ms Birdsong Investigates’, to write some more chapters and re-think my opening  first three chapters, and possibly re-write them, or at least try to improve them. But all I have done is mess around trying to get my Blog to look better and to try to load the features I think I need.

For some reason I cannot get in the mood to write and I don’t seem to be able to get my Blog to do what I want it to.  I am allowing myself to be constantly distracted.  Not that I am the only writer I know who suffers from this.  when I have asked colleagues, they all say they do anything they can so as to not have to sit and gaze at a blank screen.

So today I have uploaded photos to my computer, answered emails which are not urgent and tried to rearrange this Blog layout to look the way I want it and also to get some sort of information on to the left side of my page.  I cannot remove what I do not want and it is driving me mad.  Last time I kept being refused access to my blog.  Ye Gods!

All this technology is supposed to make life easier, but does it really! I just get bogged down in it all and I think I do have some sort of understanding of the technology, so goodness knows how the less knowledgeable get one.

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