A wander in the Woods

a view across the fields nearby

View across the fields

 As soon as the mist cleared and the sun came out I decided to go for a long walk the other morning, through the woods and across the nearby heath which is also a Wild-life Reserve. 

I am so lucky to live near plenty of places to walk; woods, heathland and also through the grounds of some of the most beautiful colleges and establishments we have in England.

The sun was warm and the sky a beautiful blue, which made everything seem so alive, even though I noticed that the drought is indeed a reality and not just another news item to scare the pants off us all.

The photo above was taken by me and it is a spot I have photographed quite often, usually a few times a year, because it always looks so different depending which time of year I visit it.  I was rather surprised to see it looking so brown and dry.  This field is usually green and lush and wild. The trees around have managed to hang on to some of their leaves and there are plenty about to come into bud as Spring is nearly upon us. We really do need a lot of rain.

I find walking and taking photos very relaxing and it helps me think. I spent a couple of hours wandering along lanes, going over styles and into wooded areas and then headed on to the heath where I met a man walking his two small dogs.

We said hello and stopped to chat – people are so friendly I find – and got round to discussing the lovely scenery, the lack of rain and how lovely the birdsong was and how quiet and unspoiled the area is.

The man then dropped a bombshell and told me that the whole area is supposed to be developed in the near future.  There are plans to build what will be a new village just outside just where I live,  and part of it will spill over the heathland and the woods and the fields we were standing next to. Talk about shell-shocked.  I had heard nothing at all about any of this.

I now plan to look on the Internet and see if I can find anything about it.  I am sure there must be a Public out cry against this somewhere…..I cannot believe this will just go through without a big ding-dong. I am sure there is a petition to sign somewhere.

After a lot more discussion we said goodbye and went out separate ways.  I carried on into the heathland and continued my walk, not seeing another person for over an hour, before I headed back home.

I tried to put the shock of the news about the area out of my mind, had a cup of tea – I find in moments of severe shock or stress it works wonders – and then I felt the urge to write.  But not about my walk funnily enough. 

I had the urge to write a very short piece about two people meeting on Facebook,  their subsequent meeting in real life, and what their reasons for making friends and arranging to meet  actually are……so I have another short story in the bag.

It is called ‘The Look’.

Ms Birdsong has had a bit of a make-over as well.  The first chapter has been totally revised and I am happier with it – but it still needs work.  Watch this space.

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  1. Well, looking back at these photos of the brown and parched earth I an honestly say the areas in the photos are not looking like this now. Green is everywhere, trees, hedges and grass….so much rain….!! But enough, now, please….let us please have some summer, some sun and some respite from the deluge. Just asking….nicely.


  2. jane, i really enjoyed this post. how sad that development might destroy such a lovely space. i do not understand why a whole new village is needed. is population growth such an issue in england? or is it for people from outside the country? funny how a long walk and a nice chat with a man you don”t know somehow frees you up to write another story all together. i don’t understand how this works, but it does for me as well.


    • Kelly thanks for visiting and reading my article. yes it is true sadly and this is just one area of beauty and countryside earmarked for development. The Population of England is set to rocket to 70 million in the next decade due to the influx of European union members and also others from Asia and Africa etc. Homelessness will be a major problem due to lack of affordable housing and is already. So the fact is that more and more greenbelt and countryside will disappear soon….such a sad fact but unless we stem immigration this is what is going to happen to this small and perfectly formed island.
      Do pop back and have another natter here soon. Loved your blog page. Jane xx


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