Things Are Getting Exciting – Telling Tales Anthology

I am feeling so excited.  ‘Telling Tales’ by Writers for Welfare is in the process of being formatted ready for publication by Moonworks Publishing.

The mock-up of the book looks wonderful; the layout is great and so is the cover.  My two contributions, ‘The Debt Collector’ and ‘The Ghost in the Privy’ are in the anthology along with all the other contributions by writers of short stories and poems.

Our book is being sold in aid of The Norfolk Hospice and I do hope that once it is for sale people will purchase it.  Hospices are so short of money and do such a wonderful job of giving those at the end of their lives a dignified and peaceful end.  Their money is raised from donations and legacies and so we hope our book will go some way to adding to the upkeep of our chosen hospice.

‘Telling Tales’ is for many of the contributors their first experience of being published.  There are successfully published authors contributing as well….great value for money whichever way you look at it.

Do keep an eye out for updates and links etc.  I will publish them as soon as we are up and running.

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