Publication Date for Telling Tales by Writers for Welfare

SO  excited! Things are moving fast now.  Telling Tales  is due for publication on March 31st, by Moonworks Publishing.

I have two short stories included in the book: 

‘The Debt Collector’ ,  a 2,000 word thriller which is based on my experiences in the Music Industry, and a lighter, more humorous, quirky story, again about 2,000 words which is based on the characters I have encountered whilst waiting for the bus, called ‘The Ghost in the Privy’.

I have seen the mock-up layout for the book and the cover (see inset), which looks fab.Along with the other contributing writers I have been commenting on this and offering ideas all of which has been a lot of fun.

Writers for Welfare is the Writing Group I belong to.  We decided to pool our talent and compile an Anthology for the benefit of The Norfolk Hospice.  We invited a couple of successfully published authors to join us and now the book is ready. 

There is such a variety of genres in the book and we have included poems as well.  So we feel there is something for everyone.  Our youngest contributor is 13 years of age, though reading her work you would never think so.

This week is turning out to be so exciting and satisfying.  I have had my Author page on Facebook up and running for over a week now, and have attracted lots of successful authors who have popped in and left a comment and ‘Liked’ my page and my blog on here is beginning to look a lot better – what a headache all this technology has been.

All I want to do is write, but these past ten days all I have done is try to get my head around the technology which I have to embrace, in order to bring my work to the public.

I do hope that you enjoy your visit to my still developing Blog and Author page on Facebook and that you will leave me a comment on how I am doing and what you think.

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