Exciting Week

As well as working hard on making my new home livable I am also excited to announce the use of one of my short stories in another charity anthologyThe Anthology is called I Am Woman and has been contributed to by women writers and poets from all over the world on behalf of women in need.  This is volume 1 and there is another in the pipeline which I hope to also contribute to.  So as Dixon of Dock Green would say ‘keep em peeled’ – those of you who are too young or not from the UK will ponder that one I am sure.  I suggest googling the TV series from the days of black and white TV for an answer.

I do hope that those who read my posts will take time to visit amazon.co.uk and ‘like’ the page and leave a comment and – I really hope – that you will purchase a copy in aid of these wonderful causes.

You might be not too surprised to hear I have been soaked to the skin again – it is May of course – and that I am gradually finding my way around my new home location.

I am thrilled that there are trees and lots of green around me, so I don’t miss the countryside as much as I thought I would.  There seem to be some Public Footpaths near here which I shall investigate as soon as the weather improves and I won’t get drowned.  Then I can get back to my lovely 2-3 hours walks with my camera. As well as being thoroughly enjoyable, I find the time wonderful for thinking and planning and plotting…what? Ah, you may ask!!  A few more chapters of Ms Birdsong, my crime novel perhaps, or a few more humorous anecdotes for my series God’s Waiting Room – who knows!  Wait and see.

One of my adapted stories from God’s Waiting Room, The Ghost in the Privy – found its way into the anthology Telling Tales by my writer’s group, Writers for Welfare.  This is still on sale on http://www.lulu.com and is in aid of The Norfolk Hospice.  Another of my short stories, The Debt Collector was also included.

Lots of work in progress so I am not being lazy or suffering from writer’s block, just busy with day to day stuff which is taking up most of my time….but, be assured, there are stories milling around inside my head and I shall soon be writing them down and sharing them.

As I am writing this I have heard on the news that Vidal Sassoon has died.  Another part of my youth has gone.  What a wonderful hairdresser and personality he was.  Along with Mary Quant they were the signature couple of the 1960’s and I am sad to hear of his death at age 84.

Makes you think.  I better get a move on and write my best seller before it is too late.

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  1. Interesting blog, Jane. Hope you enjoy your new home – but get on with finishing the thriller, girl! I really enjoyed the bit you posted. Loved your short story in the I am Woman anthology, too. Your writing skill is impressive – keep at it!


    • Gerry, thanks so much for your kind words which are so appreciated. Coming from your talented self I am really lifted up and encouraged. I must get my book finished as I also have another book on the go, about the 1960’s and a series of stories called God’s Waiting Room which is based on conversations and characters I meet daily – I used one of them (adapted) in Telling Tales – called the Ghost in the Privy. It is a humorous piece whereas the other story in the anthology is more like The Look and is called The Debt Collector. So yes I must get my you know what in gear and get on with it all. Thanks again and good luck with all your books….I know they will do well as I have enjoyed those I have read immensely. xx


    • Gerry, I have no idea why but I have only just seen this. Thanks so much for visiting and for your kind words, mean so much to me and I value your opinion. I try! I am glad you enjoyed I Am Woman Vol 1 and wonder if you’ve read anything I wrote for Telling Tales Anthology in aid of The Norfolk Hospice? Two short stories in there: The Debt Collector (crime) and The Ghost n the Privy (humour) – hope you will/have or might.

      Have enjoyed your books and that of your husband and look forward to more….do pop here again sometime soon. At the moment I have neglected updating much as Ms Birdsong Investigates has been keeping me busy along with the WIP -co-write which is taking priority because my co-author has publishing deadlines, being a prolific and established author and so I have been working hard on this book as well. We shall see how it all turns out. Anyway, thanks for your kind words and do pop back soon….it will be updated here asap I get time to breath. Have a great week.


  2. Jane, wow, there is so much going on in your life! An exciting week for sure (with some sad news–I, too, was sad to hear of Vidal Sassoon’s death, I used to go to his teaching salon for my haircuts when I was a student in London…). Congrats on having your short story included in the anthology, I will LIKE it just as soon as I am done here… And am right with you on the moving house front, I have that coming up in the next six weeks or so. SIGH! XX All good. Nice blog!


    • Hi Nicky, thanks for your comments. Yes, busy busy and no end in sight. I think Vidal was such an influence and you still see girls with the geometric cuts now….lasted so long. With Quant they made the 60’s look. Good luck with the move, I hate it but it has to be done. Hope it goes well. Good luck with the Recording Studio visits…wish I was coming.


    • Thanks Anne, I do try. New place is still in a mess, boxes unpacked as I get too fed-up with it and have better things to do, like write. Sadly the writing is on the back-burner somewhat as lots of other stuff to do and cannot always concentrate. You seem to be going from strength to strength which is great. Looking forward to your publication date in October.


    • Hi Anne, I thought I had replied but apparently it disappeared into the ether. So here goes again. Thanks for the comments and wishes for the book. We are excited and fingers crossed people will support it. New place is still full of boxes and I get fed-up with trying to find a new home for it all or bored with it being so time-consuming so have to leave it and try to write. That is hard as cannot concentrate, so many other things to sort out. Looking forward to your book coming out in October, good luck with it and your new blog and website. Catch up again soon I hope.


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