Co-incidence or what?

Are you able to recall where you were and what you were doing this day, say 5 years ago, ten years ago – how about 44 years ago?  Not easy is it, unless you have reason to recall your movements.  Do you?

Today is the 26th of July, nothing remarkable you might think and it was unremarkable to me until this morning when I was researching for my new novel.  Not Ms Birdsong Investigates I should point out.  This book is still being worked on and is coming along really well and besides it is present day, but another novel which has been in the planning stages for two years and which is now getting off to a grand start.

Before you throw your hands up in horror, I am not alone having more than one project on the go at once….it is possible.  Hard work, but possible.

So,  back to 26th July.  Well my research has meant going through old letters, and newspaper cuttings – yes I know more rummaging – but this was for a reason.  I had to find out what was going on in all our lives  back in 1968-1969, so I can accurately work out the plot line for my story and then I can create characters to fit the events of the times.

Co-incidence or what?  I found newspaper cuttings relating to this very day – today – 44 years ago, telling me exactly where people I knew  were and what they were up to and better still, where they might be during the following weeks.  This led me to reading old letters and lo and behold, these gave me in-depth details about what happened on this very day all those years ago.  I had no idea I would find such accurate information.

It was so interesting reading about life back then.  I know my friends had fought a fire this day, one of them lost a watch doing it and even which books they were reading.  It got me thinking about what I was doing 26th July back then.  Sadly it seems nothing much.

Nothing remarkable happened to me that I am aware of and I don’t have my letters to friends to inform me.  I kept a diary back then but that has long been lost in many house moves.

I know that my family was about to go over-seas with my father’s work – for  3 years – and we were frantically packing away things and storing things which would remain in the house (in the attic), which we were renting out via an Estate Agent.

I wish I had known that my Grandmother would say goodbye to us all in August with plans to come and visit at Xmas, but it would be goodbye for the last time. 

She was to die suddenly a month to the day we left England.  That would have made such a difference to us all I am sure, rushing around busily whilst she sat quietly on the sofa, lost in her thoughts.  Did she know she would never see us again?  Would we have remained behind, talked to her more if we had known?

Such a co-incidence that she died exactly a month to the very day we said goodbye to her for the last time.  Such a co-incidence that I opened letters and newspaper clippings this morning dated 26th July 1968 or is it?

Working here 26th July 2012

Have you had any co-incidences you would like to share?

By the way the new novel is under wraps for the time being and is a complete change of genre for me – no crime!

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  1. I’m not convinced there are such incidences as a coincidences. I met my now husband in the nineties. We had no previous knowledge of each other. We met in Bedfordshire. Turned out our grandparents lived a few doors apart in Kingsbury, London, in the seventies, and my husband and I had memories of the children that lived in that road as we’d play with them – my husband and I had probably met twenty years previously.
    Laura 🙂


    • Sounds about right Laura. I am still open-minded. One thing recently which made me wonder at how small the world really is though. An acquaintance was telling me how she is related to a very famous English Poet and Writer and we got to discussing where he lived. I nearly fell off my perch because I have been doing Family History research for over 20 years, and had the week before been looking at the ownership of the very house she said her ancestor rented. My husband’s family owned it and I had read the Census for the year she said her ancestor lived there…..both were recorded. My husband’s family as owners and her Poet as a tenant! She was shocked when I showed it to her on our Family Tree information. What are the chances of that I wonder?


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