Toadstool or Mushroom? Anyone know?

A little mystery I would love to solve.  Can anyone out there tell me what this is and if it is a Toadstool or a Mushroom?  I cannot find it in books or on Google.

Please help identify this for me.

Walking in the Woods

I photograph this several times a year and it only gets larger otherwise it does not alter.  At the bottom right there is another one which has become darker and harder and looks like the bark of the tree as it appears to have taken on the Oak tree’s characteristics.


Another mysterious Fungi


This is another Fungi beginning to grow nearby.




I would love to put a name to these and also to know whether of not they are poisonous……

Fungi growing slowly on an Oak Tree near the others.

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  1. hi! thanks for dropping by my blog. base on what i read, a toadstool is just another term used for a mushroom – toadstool, i think, is a coined word. i checked my references and what you have is could be an Artist’s Conk. but, of course, i’m not an expert on this. try to check these other names: False Turkey-tail, Hemlock Varnish Shelf, Red-belted Polypore and Mustard-yellow Polypore. good luck!


  2. Sadly, I haven’t got a clue. I don’t know the first thing about mushrooms. Have you thought about twittering or facebooking these photos? There must be a mushroom lovers community out there. ON a personal note, I find the whole concept of ‘toadstool’ totally revolting. I probably have the completely wrong associations, but there they are and I can’t help it. Oh the bliss of being a non-native lover of the English language, haw haw!


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