Peter Robinson – a favourite author

I had an adventure on Thursday with a very old friend who is also a successful award-winning authoress.  We both love Peter Robinson and his books are much-loved by us both.

Peter is on a book tour around the UK and he came to a town near us both so we met up and queued with everyone else  books in hand ready for his autograph.

My friend’s books are known to him and he has mentioned them in three of his, so imagine how thrilled she was to meet him and how taken aback he was to meet her in person at last!

I felt like I used to when an artist (singer/band) I managed would be (with me) sitting in a music store, albums heaped on the desk, pens ready, waiting for fans to come and buy a recording and get an autograph.  It can be very daunting and I felt for him as he sat there waiting for us to arrive and file past.  People never know what to say to you and I guess that is how the Queen must feel when confronted with all those people she’s introduced to and has to make polite conversation with.

It is such a relief when someone turns up.  As you sit there waiting for the appointed time doubts set in and you wonder if anyone is going to come, and  you watch everyone passing by in the hope they might be the first to come up to you.  Some come and stare at you, walk around a bit and either pluck up courage to bring a recording or piece of paper for an autograph, but sometimes people just stare at you and then wander away.

At least Peter didn’t (as far as we could see) have to sign bare mid-rifts, buttocks and breasts – my artists have been faced with various parts of their fan’s anatomies at one time or another and it is very embarrassing.  The guys never knew if they should try to hold the piece of flesh as they signed, or if they should just press hard and hope the pen didn’t write all wiggly on the breasts or buttocks of their fan.

Sitting there in the festival tent or in the lobby of a Radio or Video Station or inside a Record Store you never knew what you were going to be asked to sign and the first time someone bares their behind to you, it is a shock.  It was never in the job description!

So Peter Bobinson seemed to get off lightly last week.  He signed our books and those of other fans and had a little small talk with each in turn…..not a buttock or a bare breast in sight.  Now that is civilized.




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