So much to go though

On-going research into both Works in Progress is getting to be a very dusty affair.  Paper causes so much dust!

Photo research

Just a few of the boxes and albums of photos I am looking through for my research.

It would be wonderful to have someone to do this but I guess I shall have to wait until I am a successful writer. 

Trouble is, all this searching through old documents, letters and photos takes so much time and if you are at all like me, I find it takes forever because I stop and read stuff I don’t need to even look at.

Those of you who are also writers, do you do your own research or do you have some help?

I’m a hoarder so I am lucky to have a lot of material to hand, therefore the lack of the internet at times is no big deal.  The local library is not as near as my previous library was, so I am forced to look at my own ‘archives’ for a lot of my research.







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  1. Oooh I definitely do my own research. Write what you know, right? So if I farm the research out to somebody else, it’s kind of like… third hand experience. I love digging round and interviewing people and asking questions and if possible going to do/see the real thing. Within the realm of the possible, of course! Happy digging and dusting, you’ll find this is the fun part when you look back…x


    • Yeah I usually do all my own research and up until now it has been easy but I am going back 45 years and digging deep into memory and events with a co-author whose memories are different and yet the same – common era. I know authors who pay people or interns to do the job for them…but I cannot see how you can connect with what you write if someone else has done the reading and the searching and the understanding…..the forensics for Ms Birdsong has been interesting and I’ve had to know when to stop reading! Too engrossing. It is fun but some has been a chore too…not the technical stuff, the memory stuff – two books on the go so one is technical and one is memory. How is the count down to publication going? Fingers crossed. Good Luck. x


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