I Am Being Followed


I’m being followed, by followers.  How lovely.  It is wonderful to look at my blog and see that I am being followed by such nice people who could, let’s face it, be following someone else, somewhere else.  I am a follower too.  I admit it.  I follow other authors and artists and all sorts of people whose pages inspire and interest me, and so imagine what a thrill it is to find my blog (me) being followed too.  I follow people, people follow me, we are all followers – do you follow?

OK just messing around here, but seriously it is amazing that people I don’t know have taken time and trouble to find me and make a connection to me and to the others here.  I do hope you will keep following me, it is such a thrill, and I shall continue to follow my chosen blogs too.  Helping each other build an awareness and a group with common interests is marvelous, especially when none of us has ever met or is likely to meet.

Welcome to you all and welcome to those who I know have followed me from my author page on Facebook. I have made some really interesting friends there.  Authors I would never have connected with had it not been for Social Networking.  Friends I had lost touch with are suddenly back in my life – fabulous.  Groups with whom I share common interests such as History, Science and Nature for example and then there are the groups formed by Writers of all sorts of capabilities and levels of success who have come together to share their work, their ideas and knowledge and experiences.

If I had not joined Writers for Welfare I would never have had two stories published in an anthology (Telling Tales) which was published in aid of The Norfolk Hospice, in Norfolk, England.  I would never have met fellow authors interested in the same things as me, and I would never have had a short story published in another wonderful anthology (I Am Woman, Volume One), which was published in aid of Breakthrough, Women for Women and Women’s Aid charities.

Through all these new friends and colleagues I have ventured into Flash Fiction – I’d never heard of it before – and had a 1,000 word story published on the Internet via another blog (Morgen Bailey), with a Pod-Cast to follow soon afterwards.  The story was called The White Witch of England.  I am going to be doing another Flash Fiction with Morgen on November 30th which will be Pod-Cast on 24th March 2013 – are you following still?

The there is NaNoWriMO – National Novel Writing Month – I managed to write a novel in 30 days last year of more than the required 50,000 words…..it is the basis of one of my present Works in Progress (WIP) which I am still working hard to complete.  I had never heard of it until I joined Facebook and various writer’s groups.  I am taking part again this year and I have already clocked up over 20,000 words.  Hence the lack of activity here of late.   There are only 24 hours after all….

Frequent followers will know that I am also co-writing another novel with a friend – all hush hush for now…..so you can see why I have been a little neglectful of late.  I promise I shall try harder to post here more often once November is out of the way and I shall continue to follow those I enjoy following and I hope that you continue to enjoy following me.  You are most welcome to leave a comment so all the other followers can follow what you write.  Hope you are following this…..

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  1. I agree with Nicola’s sentiments – your posts and pictures are always of interest. The one thing I find frustrating is that I can see on my blogspot blog how many people have viewed my page but rarely am I followed. Am I boring I ask myself, do people not like my pictures? I am also sad that few; even on the pages I have followers, do people actually comment. Time is another factor. I think if you could find the time to blog more often (and I don’t) and you link it to Twitter or Facebook you might get more. Just a thought but one I still don’t implement!


    • I know what you mean. One day I had 606 viewers on my Facebook author page and yet only 3 left a comment! I think people enjoy visiting and that is why they keep coming back, but time or just lack of incentive perhaps makes them pop in and out again…I just don’t know but we cannot spend all the time trying to get followers as there would never be time to write! I don’t twitter but there are links here and on my FB back and back and I do get to see that I am visited by many who are sometimes a one off visitor and some keep coming back but never let on. I really cannot fathom it. If they didn’t like you page Penelope they would not come back at all. So you are doing something right. Me too. We just have to find out what it is and keep doing it. I love you page and information and will keep trying to help promote it and your books as often as I can. xx


  2. Well, I ‘m happy to follow you, Jane – apart from the interesting posts, you show us such fabulous photos! I’m always happy to welcome new followers – I only started blogging in April this year, mainly to gain a wider readership for my books. I’d given myself 6 months but we’re past that and now there are two more books out next year, I’ll be blogging onwards and upwards!


    • Nicola, thanks for following me and liking my photos and posts. I always enjoy your blog and find it so interesting and informative and the places you locate your characters are fab. I shall continue reading your blog and wish you great success with the next two books next year. Do pop back again soon. I shall be visiting you again soon. x


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