Welcome New Followers

Good morning and welcome to all my followers and to those new followers who have joined us here recently.  Great to meet you here.

I know you are all busy people and have many choices to make when visiting blogs and social networking sites, so I really am pleased you have chosen to make this one of your ports of call in your very full day.

I am getting very excited about tomorrow and The Next Big Thing and I hope you will visit and see what it is all about.  There will be links to other nominees for the coming weeks, so you will meet new writers and bloggers as a result.

Well, today I am busy with NaNoWriMo – the novel won’t write itself and I am still working hard on Ms Birdsong Investigates – my ex MI5 Officer now residing in a small rural village in The Vale of The White Horse.

I hope you all have a wonderful day and look forward to seeing you here again soon.  Don’t be shy, leave a comment and say hello and let me know all about yourselves.  I know some of you are fellow writers and I follow you too!

Catch up later.  Have a safe  and happy day.


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  1. Hello Jane. Thanks for nominating me for The Next Big Thing. I’m not getting on so well with NaNo this year and penelopesh – I’m well impressed that you have already hit 50k. I’m way behind on the word count but loving the writing. Jane, I’m really looking forward to reading your Mrs Birdsong novel when it is published! I’ll pop over to your blog for The Next Big Thing later on today – all the very best of luck and I hope you have a wonderful and enjoyable day.
    Annie x


    • Thanks Annie and welcome later , 10.00am I go live. Do hope you sent me your info before you go to work. Everyone seems to be finding NaNo hard this year, busy lives and other stuff to do I guess. Thanks for the best wishes and looking forward to seeing you on The Next Big Thing. Catch up later. xx


  2. Hi Jane, Thanks for all the support and likes. Glad you’re finding new followers, I like your sentiment linking the links. I did NaNoWriMo last year and managed the 50K. This year to my surprise I reached my target yesterday lunchtime. It spurred me on I’m now up to 53K. Not sure about the quality of the words but the quantity is there. xx


    • That is Fab well done. It is hard going but well worth it as it is good to see if you can work to a deadline and push yourself like that. Good going. I have not done a word count this week, must be up there, but if it makes sense…lol! Do pop over tomorrow and say hi at some point. I am still sorting stuff out with my nominees and hope it all works. Stress!! xx


    • Ah so kind, thanks. I did NaNo last year and managed 52,000 words so this year I am hoping to at least manage the same. I am looking forward to tomorrow, Nicky Wells nominated me and so I have done as asked. Hope you enjoy it. Chat again soon and so appreciative of your follow and comments. Chat again soon. xx


    • Thanks Jo but you will be fine I know….looked at the blog, it is great and I hope people here will pop and visit you too. All about linking our links and making inroads to new followers and readers. Send me some info you want me to add to your link so people know who you are and what you aim for etc. short and sweet. Love J


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