I had a Blast….hope you did too…

Cheering us up on a cold autumnal day

To brighten a dull and cold autumn day, taken by me last year.

Thanks so much to everyone who visited and took part in my The Next Big Thing celebrations; I had a blast and I hope you all did too.

I am really blown away by the wonderful and kind comments you all left and I really do appreciate the time and trouble taken to visit me here and have a wander round.  Everyone leads such busy lives these days and there are so many other pulls upon our time, I know how much effort it can take to seek someone out and the effort it takes to  read everything and then leave a message. 

I really AM thrilled and I hope I can soon deliver the goods and live up to the high expectations I have set myself and others expect of me.

Please do take a little more time and effort next week and visit the writers I nominated as The Next Big Thing – their  links are below and they are all on Facebook as well.   I do hope you will support them as you have me.  I shall be there!

Thanks again to all my new friends and followers – please do come back and feel free to add a link to your own page (fellow writers) here.  I enjoy having a chat now and again and hope you do too….have a wonderful Thanksgiving all those friends and family in the USA and a safe and happy day to everyone else.

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  1. Jane – Isn’t the writing community wonderful!? We really are happy for you. And thank you so much for sharing that lovely ‘photo. I wish I had a green thumb, but sadly that’s one skill I have never mastered…


    • That is so kind Margot, appreciate your comments. I think everyone is so supportive. Before I joined Facebook years ago I had written and messed about all on my own, then I met lots of others who were either professional writers or were like me. We got on so well we have kept in touch and supported and helped each other whenever we’ve been able. I have read more widely, tested myself and learned so much – I have gained so much and I am really thankful I took the step to join FB first and then my co-author and friends encouraged me to do a blog. I felt a fraud at first but they insisted that if you write, you are a writer. So I felt better and I really enjoy it now. I also have an Author page on FB where I have a daily exchange with many lovely people who visit and comment and have something to share. It is all good and positive and I am so lucky to have to many wonderful people, most of whom I’ve never met, to call my friends: the virtual world is quite real for me. And I have met you too….how cool is that!!


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