.Busy Times

I want to thank all those still visiting and commenting on my Flash Fiction and Short Story pieces.  Really appreciated as I know that we are all tight for time in December.  If you are not celebrating Christmas I know there is plenty to keep you occupied and elsewhere, so a visit here is appreciated non-the-less.

I have been caught up with family stuff. Visits by various siblings (to Mother) which has been lovely but has kept me away from writing and blogging, and housework has been taking up my time.  Great to see those who live overseas of course, but coming from a large family it can get a bit over-whelming at times.  Not everyone visited, otherwise I might still be buried under tons of washing up, making cups of tea and feeding the five thousand!

Seeing everyone was fun and we had a good laugh and tried not to comment on how the last few years have caught up with us all.  It is really funny (odd) seeing siblings with bald patches, white hair and looking like elderly relations we used to look at in fading photos.  We are too polite to make comments however, which is just as well – we can be a sarcastic lot but always funny.

Then there are the photos of the various children we have had and the comments about how grown up they all are now, and in my case and that of one brother (not visiting), how the grand children are growing up so fast too!  Makes one feel ancient.  The others have children who are not married or old enough to be married so the two of us who are grand parents get to show off the grand children’s photos as well.

Today I received a Christmas card from my late father’s sister (only remaining sibling of three) and in it she sent some old black and white photos for me to keep.  She knows I am doing Family History, so they are very welcome.  It is the first time I have seen a photo of myself as a new baby and I was quite taken aback.  Mum looked like my youngest sister in the photo and for a moment I wondered why she was wearing 1950’s gear and holding a baby, until I read the back. 

My aunt had included some photos of me as a two year old in Singapore looking just like one of my Grandchildren (the only girl) and even the clothes seem to have come full circle as I have seen my grand-daughter in similar outfits at that age.

There were several tiny black and white photos of my Dad in India as a child and with his younger siblings (my aunt and their late brother), and they looked so happy and care-free.   They had a great life out in India with rides on camels and horses and photos of them all with the local Hills Tribesmen in all their costumes.  Long gone days when they used to run around naked all day, swimming in the rivers, climbing and having fun outside – not a care in the world.  No parents worrying about them drowning, being eaten by huge beasts or kidnapped by nasty people….out all day from breakfast until dinner without anyone looking for them.  How times have changed.

Oh well, enough of all this. Back to work.  Have a great week and catch up again soon.  I shall sneak another look at the photos before getting down to business again.

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  1. Jane I think the best thing about any family gathering and catch-up is the recall of old times and the fun as kids together…it’s easy for us in our busy lives to forget little things about our siblings or other family members, and it’s lovely to be reminded of them again by family members who have better memories! During my recent visit to my sister and my old aunt (my mother’s younger sister) it was rather nice to hear they thought I was the image of my mother. …rather flattering as she was a beautiful woman and very talented in many ways.
    I do hope you have enjoyed your catch up with family, and that your Christmas is happy and full of blessings. xx


    • Jo, thanks so much. It was not really a get together for family more that a brother was over from USA on business in Europe and called in to see Ma for a few days so a brother and a sister and I spent some time with them before he left. We usually are a giggly lot and yes we do recall stories and so forth. Mum goes down memory lane a lot anyway so most we had heard before, but still lovely to catch up. Enjoy your flattery, though I am sure it is deserved….we know about the talented anyway! Same to you and yours for Christmas and I do hope 2013 brings you a better year than 2012. 😉 xx


  2. It is always very busy in the run up to xmas isn’t it. Families tend to get together at this time too. I will be going for a meal with my sister her husband and family on Friday. There is always so much to do. Was great reading about your family visit. Good luck with your writing, I hope 2013 is a great year for you.


    • Thanks Pam and I know 2013 will be a successful year for your books and writing too. Ours is a large family so not everyone is always in the same place at the same time. When we do get together it is mad! Enjoy your Christmas and New Year.


  3. Jane – December is an awfully busy month isn’t it? I”m so glad for you though that you got the chance to visit with family. It’s just too easy I think to let time slip away without seeing friends and families. I wish you well getting back into your writing and blogging.


    • Thanks so much Margot. I hope you have a wonderful time as well. We are a large family so we cannot all be in the same place at the same time that often….and a couple were missing, and of course my own family is far away – husband and son and grand children – so it is hard at times. But I shall be listening and watching and making mental notes (sounds awful but you know what I mean) ready to hit the keys all fired up for 2013. Hope you have a successful, happy and peaceful 2013 and healthy too.


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