I’m cold so here is something to brighten things up

Magnolia in Bloom

Magnolia in Bloom

Looked out this morning and Jack Frost had visited again and left everything with a liberal dusting of castor sugar, sparkling and crisp but none-the-less bitterly cold.

So, in need of something warm and cheery I found this photo taken by me last year in the garden just as the Magnolia was beginning to bloom.  Instead of looking at dull off-white sky and mist, I am now gazing at this and looking forward to Spring and Summer so…., if you are living in colder climes at the moment and could do with something cheerful I hope this works.

Another photo of the Magnolia Bush in Bloom taken by me 2011

Magnolia Bush in Bloom

As usual all photographs posted have been taken by me and are (c) Jane Risdon 2012 unless otherwise stated.

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    • I know Kelly, gets a bit much after a while. We have not really had any summer this year so it is just so disappointing to miss summer and then have nothing but rain for most of the year. Glad you liked the photos. My other love of course after writing. Hope your year improves and your writing is a success.


  1. Jane – Thanks for the lovely ‘photo. It really is the perfect antidote for those damp, chilly days when one doesn’t even want to get out of bed.


    • Hello Margot, I am glad you liked the photos. The weather has been horrid all year and seeing the rain again outside I thought I should spread some sunshine to cheer myself (and others) up a little. It is dark about 3.30pm and still dark at 8am so not nice but at least I don’t live in Finland! I have been a bit remiss and not been over to read your wonderful blog of late. Family duties taking over at the present time, but I shall be back and will catch up with everything as soon as normality returns (well, whatever that is!). Have a wonderful Christmas and a very happy, healthy and successful 2013 if we don’t catch up again this side of 2013. Thanks for all your kind words regarding my writing and for following me….appreciated.


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