Global Visitors

Global Visitors to my Blog

Global Visitors to my Blog

Wow!  I’ve just had a report from WordPress which has listed some of the places visitors and followers of my Blog come from.  I am blown away.  I just never really appreciated before, until seeing the stats, just how far this reaches or how wonderful it is that people in those countries have bothered to visit me, and have done so many times.  A HUGE thank you as I know you have lots of better things to do with your time.

Visitors are coming from over 47 countries, and here are a few to be going on with:

Burma, Sri Lanka, Iraq, Pakistan, India, Japan, Russia, UAE, Poland, Argentina, Brazil, Portugal, Germany, France, Belgium, Latvia, Rumania, Czech Republic, Italy, Greece, Turkey,Thailand, Philippines, Mexico, USA, UK, Indonesia, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Vietnam.

To each and every visitor wherever you live many thanks. A very  special thanks to those visiting from countries where access to the internet is difficult.  I really appreciate your time and effort to find me and follow me.  Awesome.

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  1. Impressive worldwide list of people that your blog impact. I think it’s really wonderful that your words are seen worldwide, congrats! and I look forward to seeing your blog and photo’s in my inbox.


  2. Hi Jane, passing by thought I’d drop in and say hello. The statistics are good, it makes you feel a little better knowing that someone is actually visiting. The internet has certainly drawn people together.


    • Taking things slowly Penelope, but thanks for your kind welcome. Typing is painful but I cannot just read all day (well…I could!), and friends are important in our line, we are all in the same boat and we should help each other. Happy 2013 and good luck wit Alice and also with The Haphazard Gardener. I hope people will visit your pages and read your wonderful books.


  3. Jane – I’m impressed with your blog and with the number and variety of visitors you’ve had. Well done and may you have a terrific 2013.


    • Margot, how kind of you. Pretty amazing eh. I expect your list of countries and reach is far greater obviously, and I for one love your blog. It is so interesting and informative and I learn something every time I visit. the list of books I need to read grows every time I pop over. Thanks so much for visiting me so often and leaving me such supportive comments. You have no idea what a boost it is. xx


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