Suffering for my Art – stop laughing!

My Workspace (c) Jane Risdon 2012

My Workspace (c) Jane Risdon 2012

I know that sounds very pretentious and I am only kidding.  But, I have been suffering – still am as you know, and writing is pure agony.  The Art bit comes in because I have been writing in spite of it all – I can hear a big moan coming from somewhere!

Actually it is painful sitting for any length of time and typing hurts like hell, but I got sick of not writing and not getting on with things, so  believe it or not, I completed my part of my co-written book two weeks ago.  I got to write The End.  What a sense of achievement and relief.

It is now out of my hands for the time being and I have 3 more to complete – on my own this time – before the year is over.  So I shall be spending more time with ‘Ms Birdsong’ as she ‘Investigates’ and with some luck she will solve the crimes soon and I can then move on to completing ‘God’s Waiting Room’.

MI5 where Lavinia Birdsong was an Officer until her forced retirement to Ampney Parva

MI5 where Lavinia Birdsong worked until her forced retirement to Ampney Parva

More information with photographs is available about these two books – in previous postings here, and if you click on About – just under the banner.  Lots to read there, and of course under Blog lots more to read there…so click away, have a browse and let me know your thoughts.

I have to complete another book I’ve been working on, ‘It’s A Long Way To Tipperary’ – such an original title I’m sure you’ll agree.  Actually it was and is a long way there…no kidding.  This book is based on tracing a Family Tree and the eventual meeting of long-lost family (in Tipperary) after 20 years of research – you see where the ‘Long Way’ comes in now…..and it follows their adventures in Tipperary following their epic reunion.  Again click under About and you will find information and photographs.

Family Tree research leads to Tipperary. (c) Jane Risdon 2013

Family Tree research leads to Tipperary. (c) Jane Risdon 2013

This photo was taken in Tipperary not far from ‘The ancestors’.

Like ‘God’s Waiting Room’ this is a humorous story mostly, though tinged with some sadness at times.  I haven’t killed anyone off (for a change) but there is a body in it….one that has problems finding a resting place…but I won’t give the story away here!

One of the many Graveyards featured in God's Waiting Room - all photos (c) Jane Risdon 2013

One of the many Graveyards featured in God’s Waiting Room – all photos (c) Jane Risdon 2013

In addition to the projects listed above I am still writing Short Stories and Flash Fiction and believe it or not I have 60,000 words of a music related story which I have not touched in almost a year.  I think I won’t get into too much mischief with all this on the go.  My Grandmother used to say ‘The Devil makes work for idle hands’ – don’t think she can accuse me of that!


  1. I hope you start to feel better soon. I guess it must be hard to concentrate if you are in pain while trying to write. You have a lot on the go though by the sounds of it. Keep writing 🙂


    • Thanks so much Rhian, appreciate your comments. I am much better thanks, still painful in places….but I am determined. I am busy but still nice to drop in and thank you for your comments. Enjoy your weekend.


    • Ah well, don’t let on to anyone but there is a tale… of the character’s relations passed away under a cloud – he liked his drink. The village (Parish) he died in was not too happy and decided that he should be sent back to his birth Parish. The birth Parish was not too impressed with the association (a drunk) and sent the body back from whence it came….this continued for some time….and as far as I am aware he is still betwixt and between….his resting place has never been found….no keep that to yourself….don’t want to ruin the story do we? So a body but no murder written into the story by me for a change….not a crime story.


  2. Hey Jane, I have to get up and stretch, neck, back, arms, legs you name it. But it’s hard to leave the keyboard. 🙂 Nothing wrong with a Harlot in the family tree, could have been a politician. I love family research and have done quite a bit of the tree, there will always be dead ends(no pun intended) due to lost registers, burnt down churches etc. It is satisfying detective work at its best.


    • I now but you know what mothers are like….all about appearances. It is like detective work but I love it…just giving it a break for a while as it takes so long and I’ve been at it decades. Over-seas births are the worst…lack of records, revolutions and so on and yes, burned churches and records offices are all a pain. But, when you find someone you have been searching for or someone you never knew existed…you are right, satisfying and I get to feel like Miss Marple at a St Mary Mead tea party! Loving your pages. J x


  3. Hang in there, you are amazing. I can’t imagine what it’s like but I am totally in awe. Fabulous photos, too. You rock, Jane! And you’re a rock star, too. “The show must go on,” isn’t that what they say? XX


    • Hi Nicky….thanks for popping in. I really thought that after the launch last week you would be as high as a kite with the success of it all! Yep, the show goes on….no can can performances just yet, but I am shuffling about so that is good. xxx


  4. Jane – You’re proving so clearly that when one’s a writer, that’s just what one does. Doesn’t matter if it hurts, you have to write. I do hope you feel better soon. And thanks for sharing those lovely ‘photos.


    • How kind of you Margot, I do try. It hurts but it helps. I am sure I shall soon be back to normal (whatever that is!), and I am glad you enjoy the photos. I will try and post more often. Photography is my other love. Enjoy your new week. x


  5. Fascinating post Jane, so many things on the boil … and very brave of you to keep going. Jolambertwriter is so lucky to be able to go back to the 1500s with her family history. I’ve been playing with my ancestors too. A little more difficult when you’re adopted! But was delighted to discover that my grandfather and three grandfathers before were all blacksmiths. And it is rumoured that there is an Iris connection on my maternal grandmother’s side – yet to be proved.


    • I guess it must be very difficult being adopted…but the change in the Law way back must have helped no end I hope. Good luck with your research – I have been doing it 20-30 years on and off. I tend to do a lot and then leave it for ages, especially when there are brick walls which won’t budge and I need to get away from it.

      Feel proud to have blacksmiths in the family – good honest work. Don’t laugh, but my mother wanted to know all about the Arch Bishop of Canterbury related to her father’s side (Henry V111 time), but nearly died of shock and expressed ‘no wish to hear the details,’ about another relation who was a ‘Harlot’ back in 15th century!! So, you never know what you will uncover. She didn’t concentrate on the Arch Bishop, but kept on worrying about ‘The shame,’ of having a Harlot in the clan… if anyone could care less now!

      Be prepared for some shocks and surprises. Good luck.x


  6. Heavens Jane, so many plates in the air! I think it’s bad enough trying to cope with writing one book and everyday life! My roots are in Ireland (Dad’s side). Have a tenuous link to Bono! Our family tree starts in York in the 1500s and ends with my great grandfather in the late 1800s. One of my aunts has been working on linking that to present day. The family split during the English Civil war and our side went with the Parliamentarians so were given land in Ireland that’s how we have the Irish connection.


    • Sounds awesome Jo. I guess most of England must have Irish roots, I know of so many who can trace themselves that far back. Bono eh! Wow….perhaps you’ll find yourself getting a ‘mention’ in his Will one day? Long lost rellies etc.

      Did you read my little blurb about Tipperary and the long lost rellies? The story has a little factual basis and that is what gave me the idea…so many funny things came up when researching.

      Wars and politics does split families. I think those relations in the book managed to still be chatting to each other after. The split I write about is a split where one son fights for the Irish in 1916 and the other dies at The Somme same time. Guess the Civil War would cause a mega split too. I hope they have got over it by now!

      I wish you luck with all your WIP too….most of mine have been on the go for a while, I had a huge break for a few years writing Tipperary for example….but the last two years have seen a rocket under me! Time is short – I keep reading about folks the same age as me popping their blogs. Incentive or what!!


  7. I can certainly relate to the physical pain of sitting and writing at the moment. Am contemplating a barricade of cushions and pillows in bed with laptop, notebooks, trays with mugs of tea and medicine all around me. But well done – you are very busy, very productive, and your desk looks very well organised and tidy!


    • Poor you! I would love to join you…well, you know what I mean! I do hope you are better soon and nothing serious ails you. The desk is organised and tidy for now. I don’t know if you want to see it normally. I had a go rearranging back in the summer and it looked wonderful. A couple of days of serious research soon put paid to that! About two weeks ago I thought I would do some writing and couldn’t find a place to spread myself, so big tidy again! I’ll let you know how long that lasts. Get better soon and let me know how your writing is coming on….what are you working on?


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