Tea and Talk at Sally Lunn’s – March 31st 2013

Sally Lunn's (c) Joanna Lambert

Sally Lunn’s (c) Joanna Lambert

We all love a good natter and Jo Lambert and I get down to it on March 31st on her blog, ‘Tea and Talk at Sally Lunn’s,’ when she interviews me.

If you are at all interested then do follow the links below to get to the nitty-gritty about me plus lots of others, who have gone before me.  It is a really interesting place to find out about authors and their lives and books.


We had a nice chat and had lots of tea (well you know me and tea) and I tried not to eat all the scones.

Do pop back here and let me know what you think.  Jo would appreciate some comments as well on her page too.

So, March 31st is when we lift our little pinkies and get down to business.  Do pop in.  It is a lovely tea shop, the staff are unobtrusive as you will discover and the afternoon tea is awesome.  Why not stop and order some, you’ll love it.


  1. Loved the interview Jane, especially your funniest moment. That I would love to have seen for myself although I don’t think I would have been able to hold back my laughter 🙂


    • Oh Linda, there have been so many. In the end one tends to start feeling annoyed at them; someone should have told them long ago….and it is time-wasting. Luckily most are filtered out long before they got in front of me. This was a favour for another manager, though why he wasted both our time like that I cannot recall. Have you seen the interview with Nicky Wells? More tid-bits in there. Thanks so much for dropping in. Appreciated.


        • That’s nice of you Linda, I guess I’ve lived with ‘my life,’ for so long it doesn’t seem that interesting to me, but Jo and Nicky are interested mainly because of their books which have music and musicians in them and so I guess they are attracted to that. My WIP is possibly not their cup of tea being Romantic novelists. You’d want to have shape shifters in it ans I’d have to bump someone off!! Lol Thanks for having a look round, appreciated. 🙂


          • Admittedly when it comes to crime novels mine were limited to Mary Higgins Clark and Harlan Coben, but then I had never read an autobiography before and recently read two which I loved 🙂 I haven’t finished browsing your blog but will get to the rest of it, very interesting stuff and full of interviews which you are very relaxed in. Me, I would be stiff as a board lol


            • Sweet of you to go through it all, that’s what I do when I am browsing blogs. I enjoy it. Just finished Harlen Coben – Tell No One. – love his books. I have a Mary Higgins Clark – Where Are You Now – her books are OK. I suppose because I have been with artists being interviewed ans schooled them for it all I am fine with it….I know which buttons to push to get someone to talk and so I guess I subconsciously used it on myself. You will be fine…ever need help let me know.


  2. A great interview Jane, very enlightening. I could see the singer with the thing in his pants, bloody funny.


    • Laurie, thanks so much for popping over to read my interview and I am happy to have made you laugh. I have had an ‘interesting,’life as you can see!!! I do hope no-one was offended or upset by the lead singer episode, and that you were not put off of your veg! No courgettes were injured during the auditions. Thanks for popping in, greatly appreciated. Jane xx


      • Believe me Jane it didn’t offend me. You have a vast repository of stories from the industry for a LARGE book. I’m sure that maybe one or two people would be offended but they are the people who are offended by everything in life. The main thing is, it was a great interview and entertaining. I’m still having a chuckle at that rocker.


        • Laurie , thanks so much for spending time with me here – really pleased you have enjoyed it all. I’ve been invited to do another piece for another author/blogger soon so I will let you know when so you can pop over and read it if you a feel so inclined. Meantime I have a guest blog spot tonight &pm UK time on Morgen Bailey’s writing blog – an article about songwriting, so you might enjoy that too. Links will be here later. Jane xx


  3. Many thanks for the support Jane, you’re a star!

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