Guest Blog 4th April 2013 on Morgen Bailey’s Writing Blog

Choice of Mic gives a different feel to a vocal (c) Jane Risdon 2000

Choice of Mic gives a different feel to a vocal (c) Jane Risdon 2000

I feel a bit like a bus.  When you want one you can’t find one and then three come along at once.  Here I am again.

I was asked to write a 1,000 word piece on Songwriting for Morgen Bailey and this will be published on her blog on 4th April 2013.

Follow this link to read my article: 


Morgen Bailey has a fabulous Writing Blog and if you have never visited it please do.  Authors especially should visit her because her pages are packed with interviews, information and helpful tips.

I guess Morgen felt I might be able to share some of my knowledge having been in the Music Business nearly all my adult life.  I am not a songwriter, though I have been known to add some lyrics here and there to help a songwriter who has been stuck, or when something just isn’t working.

I do know about songs and what makes a good one and what works and what does not.  I know about selling songs and the recording process and what to do with the finished record and the artist’s career,  so if songwriting is of interest, please pop over and read my article which I hope you enjoy.

Recording to DAT, CD and Tape back in the 1990's - looks so old-fashioned now.

Recording to DAT, CD and Tape back in the 1990’s – looks so old-fashioned now. (c) Jane Risdon 1991


1990's Recording Media - Tape, DAT and CD - vinyl was for Dance.

1990’s Recording Media – Tape, DAT and CD – vinyl was for Dance. (c) Jane Risdon 1991

While there, browse Morgen’s blog as I am sure you will find there is something for everyone there.

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    • Hope you enjoy it Margot, let me know. Did you catch my interview with Joanna Lambert on her blog Tea and Talk at Sally Lunn’s? Still links on here for it. Hope you had a lovely Easter.


      • Jane – Thank you for reminding me that I haven’t yet told you how terrific The Honey Trap sounded on podcast. I did indeed enjoy it richly. Oh, and The White Witch of England is terrific too. What a great idea!


        • Oh, thanks Margot, I am glad you heard them. Having Morgen read them is such a different experience. I try!! I hope you liked the interview I did with Joanna Lambert on her Tea and Talk at Sally Lunn’s blog (31st March) which seems to have gone down well with everyone. Busy times, as well as the Songwriting piece, I have some Flash Fiction on Morgen’s blog tonight 7pm UK time – under 1,000 words – The Secret of Willow Cottage and The Tale of the Reluctant Bride! If you feel like it and have time do pop and look. Freezing cold here and trying to snow again!!


          • Oh, I will definitely have a look, Jane – thanks for letting me know. And as mad as it seems, I miss snow….


            • Ha, not the biting cold I bet. The wind is a devil it cuts right through you. I think we are all sick to death of the dull sky and lack of sunshine. It seems to have rained or been snowing since March last year with little let up. No summer at all last year and we need the vitamin D if nothing else! By the time you replied the snow had gone. Hope your weather is lovely.


    • Hi Jane,
      Writer Dave Wise Here.
      I enjoyed both your interviews, Tea and Talk plus Morgen Bailey.
      I’m waiting to read your, “Ms Birdsong Investigates”.
      In the meantime, I would appreciate it if you would read, “Web of Guilt, A Chicago Story”. I have had some good feedback, people have told me it was a very interesting story, fast paced. I am in the middle of writing my second novel. I hope someday to get some name recognition!
      Keep writing and reading.
      Your Friend,


      • Dave I am happy to buy your book and have just done so. I shall read asap I can. Last count I have 47 to read and this includes books by friends and writing group pals too so you can see I am happy to support other writers too. Please be patient. I love your blogs so I am sure I will really enjoy your book. Good luck with your second one. 🙂 thanks so much for supporting me here.


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