Tea and Talk at Sally Lunn’s with Jane Risdon


Sally Lunns Tea House408558_349422021811309_614060150_nWelcome Jane, it’s great to see you here at Sally Lunns.   

Hello Jo, thanks so much for inviting me to chat and enjoy this lovely tea with you.  I’ve been looking forward to it so much.

My first question as always is to ask my guest a little bit about themselves.

Gosh, that’s a dangerous invitation.  How long have you got?  Well, I’ve been married forever to someone I met when I was sixteen.  He was in a band that came to live near me and pestered the life out of me until I agreed to date him.  He proposed after two weeks.  We have a son and three grandchildren so I guess I liked his music.  We eventually worked together in the Music business, in management, after he gave up performing and have lived and travelled all over the world which has been fun but seriously hard work. …

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  1. Good luck with the novel rewrites – both doing the same thing it seems. If you get chance do watch Some Like It Hot, the birthday scene……it is really funny and so clever. if you see that you will know about sitting in a room full of people all watching each other, all terrified of each other and jumping every time there is a loud noise or something out of the ordinary…..good luck with the book. Chat again soon I hope; been fun.


      • I know, distractions! Anything other than get down to the nitty gritty – still I managed a piece of Flash Fiction over the weekend but nothing done on the novel front. Smacked legs. I hope you have your head down and you are working hard. 🙂


        • You got some writing done. That counts! And I’m sure you’ve got lots of chores, projects, … I’m working hard at the moment–catching up with stuff….


  2. Thanks re: the building. I’m always curious. No, I didn’t see your Made It Moment… I hope to see Ms. Birdsong out and about one of these days. (I have to get to work on a rewrite of my latest novel…)


  3. The building you refer to is, I guess, the little shop which Jo has for the heading. I am not sure. It may well be a tea shop. Glad you enjoyed it. I have another interview coming up on 1st May on Nicky Wells blog – I will post links on the day – so do pop over and have a read. If you liked Tea ad Talk at Sally Lunn’s you should (I hope) enjoy the Guest interview I have given her. There is also another one on 9th May on The Unseen Promise – again links later. Did you see my Made It Moment over with Jennifer Milchman? That might be of interest…..just suggesting….it may not. Ms Birdsong is driving me nuts. I need to do some re-writes and edits and I am in the state of confusion I am sure many writers find themselves in…..you will know. I have got to the stage where I cannot see the wood for the trees…..is this good, or is it rubbish? Do I keep or get rid of this or that? Fear is a terrible feeling….lol. She is making a fuss as she wants to be out there and showing off….we have had words!! How are things with you?


  4. I enjoyed the interview! Very interesting and fun. Btw, what is that beautiful building at the top of the page? And how is the Ms. Birdsong story coming along?


  5. Jane – What a terrific interview! I’m so glad you shared it with us. One of the things I find absolutely fascinating is t hat you have blended photography, music and writing so effectively. I admire that multi-dimensional approach to creativity.


    • Margot thanks so much. I do try as I said earlier. I have been a guest blogger/interviewee a few times of late, no idea why but I seem to be of interest. Which is nice. I wrote the piece on songwriting if you recall and then had my Made It Moment (prematurely I think), with Jennifer Milchman on her Suspense Your Disbelief blog in March which went down well….I have another guest spot on another author page on May 1st and again for another author on May 9th. I guess it is the music connection which fascinates. I’m a bit past all that really but it has been fun sharing some funny stories and so on. I appreciate your kind words, my smile jut got broader. 🙂


    • Oh thanks Susan, I would lose myself if I wasn’t attached to my legs. I am sure I have seen it, thanks again. I hope it was of interest. I always think other people have such interesting lives and cannot imagine why they might find mine of interest. Of late I have been asked by several bloggers to guest on their blogs so I do hope it was not a disappointment. Thanks so much. Jane xx


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