Today I am chatting to Author Susan Finlay

Working here 26th July 2012 (c) Jane Risdon 2012

My Working Place (c) Jane Risdon 2012

Suspense and Mystery Author Susan Finlay kindly asked me to chat about my writing and music over on her blog today and I really hope you will join us.

Just follow the link and you will find us:


Those who have been kind enough to follow my chats in the past will know there will be some anecdotes about my life in music and about my writing, so I do hope you find something to interest you there.

Susan hosts author interviews almost daily, so there is always much to read and enjoy on her blog.  I hope you will visit her for these as well.

I’d like to thank Susan for having me and for making it so easy to chat to her.  Do keep an eye out for her first novel which is to be published October 2013 via Grey Cells Press which is an imprint of Holland House Books.  It is called The Outsiders.

SSL Desk we used for recording many times with well known producers in L.A. (c) Jane Risdon 1991

SSL Desk (c) Jane Risdon 1991

There are samples of some of my short stories and flash fiction  stories on my blog’s main Menu under Tasters and About.  If you visit and read anything, do please leave a comment. I’d love to know your thoughts.

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  1. Have just read this, really enjoyed it, Jane, your description of the time you were in the music industry is fascinating, wish you were still in it and I could put my son your way! Loved all the bits about your writing, wish you every success with it, you certainly deserve it, a marvellous interview


    • Carol, I am so pleased you liked it. Doesn’t put you off when you read about ‘certain’ events? I do hope you son is doing well, keep me in the loop and if I can help with advice etc, please ask me. So pleased s to see you here…..thanks so much for your support, always appreciated.


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