11th December – I’m chatting to Nicky Wells about stuff!

In A Word: Murder. Published 3rd November 2013.  Crime Anthology

In A Word: Murder. Published 3rd November 2013. Crime Anthology

Rock Romance Author and Blogger Nicky Wells will be chatting to me over on her blog ‘Romance That Rocks The World,’ on 11th December 2013 and we both invite you to pop over and take a look.

The live link is:   http://wp.me/p1HzVM-1p2


Nicky had me as her guest earlier on 1st May this year,  chatting on ‘Centre Stage,’  about my life and times in the International Music Business and we both enjoyed it so much she has asked me back to talk about the  Anthology, ‘In A Word: Murder,’ to which I’ve contributed two short stories: 

Hollywood Cover Up

(c) Unknown

(c) Unknown

In A Word: Murder is a collection of Crime stories published in memory of Maxine Clarke, who passed away in 2012 after a long battle with cancer.  Maxine was cared for in The Princess Alice Hospice, Esher, Surrey, England, and her close friend, Mystery author and prolific blogger Margot Kinberg, had the wonderful idea of putting together a collection of Crime stories in her memory and to raise funds for the Hospice.


Vintage Stereo Gibson SG - Jake's favourite Guitar in Dreamer (c) Jane Risdon 2008

Vintage Stereo Gibson SG – Jake’s favourite Guitar in Dreamer (c) Jane Risdon 2008

Maxine was a popular Crime writer, Editor and Blogger (a/k/a Petrona on her blog) and Margot thought it a fitting tribute to her friend to put together a collection of Crime stories, written by Crime authors from around the world in her honour, and to help raise awareness of the fantastic work Hospices undertake.  In the UK they don’t receive government funding and exist purely on donations and we all hope that this book will provide additional funds for The Princess Alice Hospice.

You can purchase ‘In A Word: Murder’ on amazon:

US Kindle: http://www.amazon.com/In-Word-Murder-An-Anthology-ebook/dp/B00GFXNZYE/ref=sr_1_8?ie=UTF8&qid=1383674275&sr=8-8&keywords=in+a+word%3A+murder

UK Kindle: http://www.amazon.co.uk/In-Word-Murder-An-Anthology-ebook/dp/B00GFXNZYE/ref=sr_1_12?ie=UTF8&qid=1383674321&sr=8-12&keywords=In+word+Murder

The Princess Alice Hospice:   http://www.pah.org.uk/

Maxine Clarke’s blog ‘Petrona,’ was influential and informative and is still available to view:  


and at


Extract from Hollywood Cover Up by Jane Risdon (c) 2013

The Beverley Park house and grounds never ceased to impress Brad. The security guards on the main gate, the long winding drive which led to the massive yellow stoned building with impressive sweeping steps to a huge antique wooden door. The drive forked off to the right past a Romanesque fountain leading to various garages and security staff’s offices.  The left fork afforded a glimpse of rolling green lawns, animal shaped topiary tended by Mexican gardeners, the Hollywood Hills in the distance.  The grounds covered many acres and contained several guest houses, often occupied by visiting ex-Presidents and foreign diplomats, and the staff quarters often housed members of the Secret Service, even Mossad, with the usual entourage accompanying these VIP guests. There was an enormous heated outdoor pool with fountains and underwater lights which gave it a magical quality at night.

Brad had been here many times over the last two years, often waiting by the pool for his employer or his employer’s personal assistant.  He’d be given coffee, served by a black and white clad Mexican house-keeper and if in time for lunch he was often given a gourmet meal prepared and served by the French Chef in the kitchen of the main house.  Extreme wealth, opulence and power exuded throughout the grounds and house and from the small balding corpulent man sitting behind the Georgian mahogany desk opposite him.  Brad was used to the company of such men. Working in Washington he moved in their circles, knew how to behave and what was expected of him.

Hollywood - Magnet for the young and ambitious. (c) Jane Risdon 1989

Hollywood – Magnet for the young and ambitious. (c) Jane Risdon 1989


Washington DC where Brad once worked (c) Jane Risdon 2009

Washington DC where Brad once worked (c) Jane Risdon 2009


Acres of grounds tended by Mexican Gardeners (c) Jane Risdon 2009

Acres of grounds tended by Mexican Gardeners (c) Jane Risdon 2009

Extract from Dreamer by Jane Risdon (c) 2013

Jake held his face where Mickey had bashed him; eyes filled with hatred he grabbed his guitar case and placed his beloved Gibson inside.  He took his book of lyrics off the desk and shoved it inside his back-pack.  Bozz stared at the floor, totally gutted at what had just happened to his childhood mate.  He really didn’t like this one bit.  Rab shook his long brown hair, his face in his hands, seriously freaked by it all. But neither would rock the boat; ruin their chances, miss out of the chance of a lifetime, however distasteful.

Only Mickey seemed to be fine with things, he glared at Jake, and then sat back down tapping out a rhythm on the arm of the sofa with his new Zildjian sticks.  The band was getting sponsorship deals for their gear, arranged by the record company; lots of perks were coming their way. And not just perks; there were the advances from the record deal and the publishing to look forward to.

Why should they lose out on all this because of Jake? Nope, he wasn’t going to miss out because of that stupid bastard.  No way.

‘Go home Jake, I’ll get your stack to you and the rest of your gear tomorrow.’ Bo held the control room door open.

‘This isn’t the end, you bunch of shits; you’ll come crawling back when you need new material, well screw you, screw the fuckin’ lot of you!’ Jake kicked the desk as he passed Bo.         


(c) Unknown

(c) Unknown

SSL mixing desk where Dreamer's tracks are recorded (c) Jane  Risdon 1991

SSL mixing desk where Dreamer’s tracks are recorded (c) Jane Risdon 1991

I do hope these extracts whet your appetite and inspire you to purchase the anthology and read more.  There are lots of great stories by Crime writers from across the world – a fabulous Christmas/Holiday Season/Birthday gift for family and friends and for The Princess Alice Hospice, this will be the gift that gives on giving.  Please think of them when gift-giving this year.  Thanks.  And do let us all know what you think of the anthology when you read it.

Please check out Nicky’s books whilst visiting.  She has an awesome blog and lots of novels to keep you busy all over Christmas and the Holidays.


All photos and stories (c) Jane Risdon 2013 and All Rights Reserved.


    • Wow thanks so much for this. I have been nominated before and I shall pick it up – would after Xmas be OK as I am only on here for a short time today and this week? Many thanks and Happy Christmas and Happy and successful 2014 to you and all your followers. 🙂


    • Now that would be telling…but in the meantime you can read something close – In A Word: Murder for sale on amazon at £1.99 in aid of The Princess Alice Hospice. Two of my stories (one about the music biz, the other about Hollywood) included, and of course all the other wonderful crime stories by crime authors from around the world. 🙂


  1. Great Jane, you seem to have captured the LA scene. We know it so well ! As usual, wonderful stories. Thanks Nicky Wells and Maggie Thom for your wonderful comments which mean so much to Jane. Also, many thanks to Margot for giving Jane this opportunity to take part in fundraising for the Hospice, along with the other writers whose stories I am reading now.


    • Thanks Margot. I am doing my best to get the ‘word,’ out there! I also did one for Maggie Thom on 2nd Dec. I hope you saw that one too…Maggie is being wonderful as well as Nicky and I am also lined up to do a spot with Jenny Milchman soon. I am hoping we raise awareness and sales for Xmas and the gift-giving season. 🙂


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