This is a Dangerous Liaison*

I have just seen this and it made me tearful. Margot, so wonderful of you to mention The Honey Trap in your piece. I am so honoured and touched that you should think it worthy of inclusion in your post and when I read what you and the Col had written, I choked up. On a day when I needed encouragement I was led back here by Morgen Bailey – for some reason I’d missed this – and now I am fired up and ready to go on. I cannot express my gratitude enough or my pride that you should include me. Thanks so much. I hope I can come up with more stories that you enjoy. thanks again, both of you. Jane

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  1. Jane – Believe me, it was my pleasure to discuss The Honey Trap. It’s a great story and a fine example of what I had in mind. And thanks to you for the kind re-blog. 🙂


    • Margot, I am so chuffed I had to re-blog it. Just so my family can read it and see I am not banging away for hours for nothing! I respect your opinion and that is why I am blown away. Totally awed. 🙂


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