Where am I up to now? Oh Yes….

Bridge to where?  (c) Jane Risdon 2013

A journey (c) Jane Risdon 2013

You may be wondering what I have been up to since my last update here, well….

When we last had a natter here I was preparing material to submit to various publishers more in hope than expectation, but that’s the name of the game.

I am prepared;  after-all, years of preparing and presenting material and artists to Record Companies has given me more than enough experience of having to keep trying and if all fails, try again!

Not that I think I am going to fail.  Not at all.  But I know how these things work and it is all about being in the right place at the right time, targeting the right company and the right person working there. Oh, and having what they want. 

Being a mind-reader helps.

When it was Music I knew the who, the what and the when; placing my novels and short stories is another matter.  I’ve read, listened, and asked advice, and I think I understand what to do – it is the ‘to whom’ part which is stumping me. 

 I think I need an Agent.

I’m groaning loudly as I write this – why?  Because I used to tell hopeful song-writers, singers, and musicians to get themselves a Manager if they wanted to be taken seriously and to have their material ‘shopped and presented,’ to suitable companies in a professional and credible manner by someone with status and reputation;  someone with vision, an idea of the market-place and how to garner fans and sales – someone with a plan.

I can just hear myself turning down artists for management –  offering all sorts of advice on how to prepare, improve, and target the right people,  after making the best record or writing the best song ever – and seeing their faces drop.  

Now the boot is on the other foot.

I am a hopeful creator in need of representation and a champion!

I’ve found  publishers who are accepting unsolicited material and have dipped the corners of my work into their world.  And now I have to wait and wait – mostly until September apparently, or until I give up waiting because they don’t reply unless interested.

Oh! how well I understand this.  That is why I was the one to go into the Record Companies at the highest levels (president, chairman, whatever) and do the presentation, selling of an artist, their material, their image and their prospects for massive sales and world domination.

If only I could  find a ‘Me’.

Desk with a view (c) Jane Risdon 2012

Desk with a view (c) Jane Risdon 2012

So far I haven’t, but then I’ve not really looked yet.  I am testing the water, dipping my toe in, trying my luck – whatever – with those open to being approached.

So far I have sent a series of short stories off to a couple of Publishers; one large House and one medium sized House.

I am preparing a novel to go off before the end of the given period for ‘open submissions.’

I’ve done the Bio, the cover letters, the synopsis and the required number of chapters/pages requested and I am on the verge of nervous collapse, well, not really, but if I had any sense, any idea what I’ve actually done, the enormity of it, well then I might, just might lose the plot completely.

I am about to target Agents too – God help me!

I have lots of ideas for marketing, for creating an awareness, for targeting an audience – the whole package if you like.

Will anyone ever discover this?  Does anyone care?  I have no idea.

But I have to try.

In the meantime I have written two 3,000 word short stories for an anthology – no idea if they’ll accept them at all;  again I won’t know until September (a magical month apparently), and I have been busy editing, checking, re-writing and generally faffing about with everything else I’ve written. 

You’ll get an idea from my previous update.

Oh! and there are now three Ms Birdsong novels on the go; the first one Ms Birdsong Investigates

and two sequels: Murder at the Observatory and The Safe House,

and I am about to begin the prequel to the first one.

I’ve been catching up with Guest blog spots and interviews too – links at the bottom of the page if you are interested.

Let me know what you think.

I think I will hang this round my neck

I think I will hang this round my neck

It’s a good job I don’t need much sleep and lack a social life.

So this is where I find myself at the moment.

Fun or what!

So do tell me, what are you up to – writing or reading? Do share it here with us all.

I’d love to know.

Links:  Fiona McVie Interviewd me over at  http://wp.me/p3uv2y-1af

Jane Dougherty tagged me in The Writing Process and her link is:  http://wp.me/P2ESuy-8v

You can read my contribution on my own blog


Megan Cyrulewski interviewed me over on Authorsupportingauthors:  http://www.megancyrulewski.com/blog

Do visit these authors and find out more about them and their books.

In the next few weeks I am being hosted by several other wonderful authors.  More news nearer the time.

Thanks so much for popping in and sharing your thoughts with me.

 (c) Jane Risdon 2013

(c) Jane Risdon 2013

Have a wonderful week.


  1. What a fascinating blog Jane – and a fascinating life you have too! Thanks for connecting with me in various places! . Wishing you luck in finding a publisher/agent (since luck is what it boils down to most of the time 🙂


    • Marie, thanks so much for popping in and having a look round. I do have some areas inaccessible for awhile as I am working on changing a few things, but in general, most things can be found. I think people lead interesting lives – depends what we look for when we meet them and if something ‘gels’ and spikes our interest to learn more. Then the real stuff comes out! I hope we chat here often and visit each other too – all good experience and I have followers who pop in and out now and again and have long chats with me and others I visit often and chat with on their pages. All good for expanding knowledge and contacts…and making pals. 🙂


    • LOL aren’t we all! God luck and thanks for sharing your writing process – it is always fascinating to see how other writer work and also realise we are not alone! I’ve done the writing process blog tour also. Fun. 🙂


  2. Jane–you are awesome, and you know it. Finding an agent is exactly the journey you anticipate: long and winding and full of frustration. I hope that you strike lucky first time and that you match up with the agent from heaven. However. IF NOT, do not despair. The industry has moved a long, long way, and you can make a success of yourself without an agent. YOU of all people can, so chin up, keep smiling, and don’t waste too much of your precious time waiting. By which I mean, onwards and upwards, keep writing, and prepare your own strategy. That way, you’re a winner no matter what.

    PS–did I mention you have my vote? LOL! Good luck, and keep us posted!


    • Nicky, thanks so much for your kind and uplifting words. Needed them this week. I am trying just to see what it s like, but I am not pinning my hopes on this at all. Just dipping the toe. I won’t waste sleep or hopes and I shall do my own thing as well. Thanks so much for your vote; means the world. Rock on 🙂


  3. Oh the journey of what to do with your writing is a bit of a stressful one but it will all work out for you. Congratulations on all the writing. I will admit I have been rather slack. 🙂


    • Maggie I know, I guess it will lead where it leads. Thanks. My old hat keeps wanting to boss me around and tell me to do this or that, but books are not music so I know when I don’t know something….LOL I am sure you will get back in the groove soon and I look forward to seeing what you are up to. Let me know. 🙂


  4. Quite the busy bee Jane. good to see you up and about, how’s the shoulder? I think you could probably be your own agent, you have enough experience. Like the pics. 🙂


  5. Jane – I think the choice of whether or not to look for an agent is always a tough one. There are so many good reasons to get one and yet just as many not to. Either way, your work is quality and I think that’s the most important thing to keep in mind.


    • Oh that is so kind of you. Appreciate it. I am very wobbly about my work. I have not totally decided what I need to do. With my old hat on I think I must get one, then the ‘indie’ side of me resists – but sometimes you cannot hold the tide back with one hand – so we shall see. Keeping on keeping on. 🙂


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