Just a Quickie

Just a Quickie:

I have nominated two authors to carry on the World Wide Work In Progress Blog Tour


John Holt -Author


T C Chandinha - Author

Both these writers are not strictly bloggers and as they don’t have their own

Blog Pages

I have offered them the use of mine for their posts.

So, next week I shall be posting their WW WIP Blog Tour answers

and all about their books (in their own words) with links to their 

Facebook Fan Pages and where you can buy their books.

Check back next week.

I do hope you will visit here and read about them and leave your comments

I’ve never done this before, so do let me know if you think I should do it again at some point.

All I can say is they are two very different writers and their life experiences are fascinating.

Have a great weekend everyone 

See you all next week.


    • Thanks Margot. I couldn’t see a way round it when they didn’t have one and so this is the best I could come up with. I’m off for the weekend. Going to a country house where they are having a performance of the Prom concerts (Royal Albert Hall hosts the main one all summer) and so getting ready to sing, wave flags and get all patriotic…LOL With my younger brother and there will be vino, music and fun I am sure. Have a fab weekend too. Catch up next week. 🙂

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