Author TC Chadinha – World Wide Work in Progress Blog Tour – my second guest today.


T C Chandinha - Author
Author T C Chadinha 
My second Guest on the World Wide Work in Progress Blog Tour is South African author
Like JOHN HOLT, my first guest today, TC doesn’t have his own blog but does have a Facebook Author Page
and so I offered to host him, and John, on my blog so that I could share these authors with you.
I do hope you enjoyed John Holt’s WW WIP and that you will enjoy reading about TC.
We would all love to read your comments so do be really kind and post them so that these authors can see what you think.
Thanks so much.
 Hi, My name is TC Chadinha.
I’m honoured to have been nominated by the amazing Jane Risdon
Here is my information:
 I was born in the year 1966, in the rough mining town of Brakpan on the fringes of Johannesburg, South Africa. In 1987, I joined the South African Police Force and was recruited into the Security Intelligence Unit—the equivalent of America’s CIA. I was employed as a covert operative in high-profile criminal operations across Africa. On my appointment as a commissioned officer I became the founding commander of the Counter Intelligence Unit in the Mpumalanga Province. After a successful stint I was inducted into the infamous Murder and Robbery Squad as a Senior Detective Captain, second in command of two Units. In the years that followed I experienced evil as my constant companion. 
In my journey through life’s labyrinth of bloody corridors, I walked and talked with death. I shook hands with the Devil many times. I lived a vicious life in one of the most violent countries in the world. I write from the heart. My work is life through my eyes. 
The first in the Frank Dempsey Series is titled – EMILY.
Emily T.C Chadinha Book Cover (5)
BOOK DESCRIPTION: After Emily Thomas, daughter of the American ambassador to South Africa, is kidnapped, tough cop Detective Captain Frank Dempsey and suspended CIA Agent Nick Crowley search for her in a high-speed chase across treacherous Africa. They discover the kidnappers have no intention of releasing her. Is she earmarked for the international sex slave trade? Will they find her? Who’s behind the conspiracy and why? 
The second in the series is titled – ALEXA. 
Alexa by C H Chadinha
BOOK DESCRIPTION: Shortly after American business tycoon Arthur Morgan relocates his family to Cape Town, South Africa, his sixteen-year-old daughter Alexa is abducted. No ransom demand is made. Amidst a serial killer investigation where young girls are slaughtered in cult-related killings, Detective Captain Frank Dempsey from the Serious and Organised Crime Unit is called upon to find the missing girl. He identifies a link between the Cult Killer’s victims and Alexa’s abduction. The chase is on to locate the tycoon’s daughter before she’s butchered and exhibited at a construction site like the other girls. Understaffed and racing against the clock, Frank relies on the help of his buddy and renowned criminal profiler Dr Liz Hamilton, to save Alexa and catch the killers. With pressure from the Police Commissioner to produce results, Frank reverts to unorthodox tactics, which see him demoted and exiled. In an unsuspected twist, Frank’s house is searched. DNA evidence originating from the Cult Killer crime scenes is found, resulting in his arrest. Is Frank behind these brutal slayings, and why? Did he take Alexa? Agent Nick Crowley and Dr Liz Hamilton are left to make sense of the mayhem. Is Alexa still alive? Will they find her in time?
Here are TC’s answers:
1) What am I working on?
I’m working on JODIE – third in the series of six. I’m very excited about this book.  
I’ve mapped out the last three books in the series and can’t wait to work on them on a more permanent basis. 
I’ve also scribbled down a few notes on the start of the second series. It’s crime from a different angle. I hope to enthrall the readers. 
2) How does my work differ from others of its genre?
Well, I lived the life I write about. I write from the heart. Through my eyes.
Most other authors in this genre write from research. 
And yes, facts are stranger than fiction in my series.
I give the readers insight to what really happens in the lives of the people who work with death. Its a dark industry. 
From my experience, a Murder and Robbery detective becomes the same animal who commits these heinous crimes. Then colder. More structured. And then the hunter. 
There are specific reasons why only a certain breed of law enforcement officers across the world combat these crimes. 
3) Why do I write what I do?
It’s what I know. I lived it for many years. And sex slavery is the fastest growing crime on the planet. People should be made aware of it. What will you do when your child is abducted? The world is an evil place. Good guys are sometimes forced to do bad things in the name of justice.  
4) How does my writing process work?
mill over in my mind till an opening sentence, sentence in the middle of the book and final sentence align. Hundreds of combinations pulse through my brain. It can take up to three months before I feel the flow of the story is perfect. It’s a mental process where I visualize the book – fact and fiction.
Novel length – my target is 80 000 words divided into anywhere between 94 and 120 chapters. Short, potent chapters. 
Only then do I start typing. 
– The first sentence under the heading Chapter 1, 
– The middle sentence under Chapter 60, 
– and the last sentence under Chapter 120.
After I’ve completed the first chapter, I write the last chapter. Then I write the middle one.
For the next eight to ten months I write backward and forward as my mood dictates. 
I write a chapter and then edit it before moving onto the next.
When I’m done I pass it onto my five Ideal Readers who dissect it. After running repairs it’s off to my proofreader. 
Next stop – Amazon. 
Thank you Jane Risdon and all you other great people for taking the time.
I hope you enjoy EMILY and ALEXA. Please let me know what you think about it.
Here are his links:
USA and New Zealand:

UK, Europe and South Africa:




 I hope you all enjoyed reading about T C Chadinha and his career in South Africa and his writing.
Thanks to TC for sharing this with us all.
My thanks also to JOHN HOLT 
I have enjoyed reading about both authors very much for sharing their WIP with us all.
  We look forward to receiving your feedback here and on my previous post for John Holt. 
Both authors have Facebook Fan Pages but do not have blogs so do check out their Facebook pages when you can.


  1. Thanks for introducing T C Chadinha. Having been a long time reader of noir and crime novels I’d not heard of his work. But sounds like he has the stuff. thanks again… I’ll need to spend some time here when I have it. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow~ thorough knowledge of such monstrosities, yet still written as a lesson to keep bad things from happening to oneself and loved ones.
    Jane, thanks for introducing this author!
    T.C. all I can say is- fascinating.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Jane – Thanks for hosting T.C.

    T.C. – Sometimes I think one of the reasons we write is to exorcise our own demons. I’m not surprised you found that you could tap some of those experiences you had and and use them for good – to let people know about issues. I wish you success.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. A fascinating piece – well done Jane and TC. It sounds like you have had quite a life. I wish you every success with your books. I’ll take a look at them

    Liked by 2 people

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