Shiver is published today – 9th October 2014. I’m so excited.

Shiver: - A must have collection of halloween stories by best-selling authors

 Thrilled to be published today in this FAB collection alongside so many successful authors including my life-long friend,

Christina Jones,

who has been so inspirational and supportive of me and my aspirations to become a writer.

Thanks Chrissie

without your encouragement and advice my fingers would never have seriously connected with the keyboard. 

Even though we write in different genres she has often read my work when, other than my husband, no-one had ever read anything I’d written.

To find we both have stories in the same collection is such fun. 

We’ve shared an anthology once before but this was a complete surprise.

My contribution to Shiver is

The Haunting of Anne Chambers.

If you’ve read and enjoyed my two short stories

The Secret of Willow Cottage: The Tale of the Reluctant Bride


The Secret of Willow Cottage: The Tale of the Jilted Lover

 I hope you might enjoy 

The Haunting of Anne Chambers:

It’s a Ghost story set in Cornwall – a tale of Privateers, Pirates and ….well,

I’ll let you find out.

My fellow contributors are:

Andrea Frazer, Bill Kitson, Caroline Dunford, Christina Jones,


Helena Fairfax, Tricia Maw, Marie Laval, Cara Cooper and

David Rogers.

I know there will be something for everyone



Available from Accent Press Ltd.

ISBN: 9781783752195

There are many who have encouraged me and supported my writing, too numerous to mention – family and friends especially, who deserve my thanks. 

Thank you each and every one of you.


I want to thank everyone who has followed me and encouraged me on this blog and in other ways – you know who you are.

My story is dedicated to you all.


Update 11th October 2014:  Just seen this 

 Apparently SHIVER is #1 Best Seller in Children’s Halloween eBooks on Amazon.

It is #4 Best Seller Children’s Scary Halloween Stories on Amazon.


It is #60 Best Seller Single Author’s with Short Stories on Amazon.

I don’t think my story is  Children’s story – but it could be I suppose.


    • Cara, thanks so much for your kind comment. I have spent many years in Cornwall when I managed recording studios and artists there. Magical place. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your story ‘Your Number’s Up.’ I’ve often wondered what would happen in some circumstances with ‘certain’ people in that situation. Myself, I’d be there in a flash to get it before they changed their mind. It was fab, I loved it. Yes, I hope we will be in other anthologies together in the future. Been a blast so far. 🙂


    • I know and she and I were unaware of each other being involved until I told her I had a story via this publisher. She laughed and said they were publishing her back catalogue now and she had written a story for them and this anthology too. We are co-writing a book (for the last couple of years) and the topic had never popped up. How weird is that? Thanks Faith, I hope all who buy the anthology will enjoy it and let me know what they think. Have a fab week 🙂


    • Margaret thanks so much, how cool. I am not on twitter (yet) but have had things tweeted for me before and always get excited…how kind. Did you notice that Saturday eve Shiver was #1 & #4 & #60on amazon best seller lists for various categories? Everyone must be chuffed like I am. Appreciated, thanks again 🙂


    • Jeanice, thanks so much. It is exciting for me, small steps but you never know. My 4th anthology but not for charity this time..but under contract. Hoping all is well with you – loved the moon photos today. 🙂


    • Margot, small steps. Thanks so much. I just hope it is a good story…always get the cobblewobbles afterwards. How are you today? Hot and no rain I expect. Just had an almighty storm here. 🙂


  1. Thanks a million for the credits, Jane – but the talent is all yours! It’s a great story and I’m so, so proud to have our names, together, on the cover of this fab anthology!!! Cxxxx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Many thanks Chrissie, I am dead chuffed too…but without your encouragement I would never have had the nerve to put anything out there. Poor Toy Boy Trucker having to put up with you reading my first efforts some years back when he wanted to sleep…I still have your comments and emails which make me giggle. This is anthology #2 we share, I hope next time it will be THE book. Congrats on your story and on all the re-releases of your back catalogue, which I urge people to read – not to mention all your latest work – I love them and enjoy them so much. Lots of love Jane xx


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