The Haunting of Anne Chambers – Cornwall and a tidy desk

My Writing Space (c) Jane Risdon 2014

I’ve just had a good tidy up and cleared my writing desk ready for a full on session this week.

It’s amazing just how cluttered it manages to get when I have my head down and I’m in over-drive – I have been writing a great deal this summer.

Hence the need to have a good tidy.

Inspired by the publication of my short story, The Haunting of Anne Chambers, in Shiver (Accent Press Ltd)

ISBN: 9781783752195

ISBN: 9781783752195

which has garnered some wonderful 5 star reviews  of the book – with even a #1 Best Seller spot on Amazon –  and really fab stories by my fellow contributors which I’ve really enjoyed reading, my digits have been itching to get back to work.

It is still difficult to type and sit for too long but artists must suffer for their art – I am suffering…well just a little.

Well, I suffer for as long as is bearable and then I have a wander about, do my physiotherapy, and  then have a much longed-for cuppa before settling down for another session.

I am about to begin work again, now with a nice tidy desk, but before I do 

I thought I’d give some background to my story in Shiver whilst having a much-needed cup of tea.

The Haunting of Anne Chambers is set in Cornwall and is a tale of Privateers and Pirates with a twist.


I set the story in Cornwall in the village of Paul, just up the hill from Mousehole, because I spent a lot of time in the early 1990’s recording at a studio in the village and looking round the church and visiting the other villages was a great way to distress after non-stop sessions cooped up inside at  mixing desk.

The King’s Arms became a favourite watering-hole and the village Church of St. Pol de Leon (St. Paul’s), featured in my story fascinated me even then.

Local tales about Pirates and secret tunnels and sea battles with the French and the Spanish remained with me long after the visits to the village ended, and when I was faced with writing a Ghost story for Shiver, I wanted it to be different – not what I normally write – and the idea for my story began to form from memories of our time in Paul.

The title came first and was additionally inspired by my two-part short story,

The Secret of Willow Cottage:  The Tale of the Reluctant Bride and the prequel, The Tale of the Jilted Lover.

Willow Cottage (c) Jane Risdon 2010 - Features in The Secret of Willow Cottage

Willow Cottage (c) Jane Risdon 2010 – Features in The Secret of Willow Cottage

This two-parter was published in May and June last year and was also Pod-cast. 

The response to The Tale of the Reluctant Bride was so encouraging I went on to write The Tale of the Jilted Lover. 

If you ever find yourself in the village of Paul, do pop into the church and check out the inscription on a mural tablet situated between the choir stalls and the pulpit (on the north side of the Chancel). If you’ve read The Haunting of Anne Chambers you will understand why the village was important to Privateers and Pirates and how some of my characters originated.

I shall love you and leave you for now.  I have work to do on Ms Birdsong Investigates.

Please check out Shiver, and if you get the chance do let all those contributing (including me) know what you think of the stories.

I have really enjoyed reading them. 

There is something for everyone. 

There are funny stories, scary stories and plain weird stories but they add up to a great read for Halloween.

Ghosts, Ghouls and Hauntings

Ghosts, Ghouls and Hauntings

You will find stories from:

Andrea Frazer, Bill Kitson, Caroline Dunford, Christina Jones, Helena Fairfax, Tricia Maw,

Marie Laval, Cara Cooper, David Rogers,

 and me.

 Have a great week and thanks for popping in.


  1. Hi Jane, the desk is absolutely lovely but the keyboard would be to close to you and also the screen, may I suggest getting a wall bracket, make all styles now so that your monitor is really close to the wall. Then you you really get to show off the desk and have love lots more space


    • Thanks Paul but I have to have it this close as I cannot stretch my arm out since the operation and if I didn’t get up close I can’t reach the keyboard. Will be a few more moths yet with physio’ and so on before I can get my arm higher than elbow level. It hurts to type so I am doing it one-handed too. Not into showing off the desk thanks. It is my work place. Hope you have a fab family Christmas. 🙂


    • Kevin, I shall go and look. Thanks for letting me know. I have only ever written one ghost story before (a comedy) for a series of short stories called God’s Waiting Room and I think they’re harder to write than crime. I hope your story does well. Let me know if you read Shiver. Opinion valued. Jane x


  2. Jane – The story sounds terrific! And I know what you mean about getting more done with a tidy desk…It’s easy to forget during a writing session, but it’s worth the effort.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Margot – hello and how are you? Yep, my desk was hiding the Domesday Book I am sure….so much rubbish and pieces of paper with scribbles and, well you know! I kept moving stuff and in the end took the bull by the horns and grabbed a waste paper basket and did the deed. Polish and elbow grease and now I am afraid to touch it. LOL. But I can concentrate now. How about you? 🙂 Have a fab week. We have the tail end of Hurricane Gonzalo here so it is wet and very windy.


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