Wishing On A Star: Merry Christmas Everybody is published 16th November 2014

There are tensions in the studio when Twister record their new album.

The band members are at each other’s throats and someone is messing up their recordings.

The band blames their producer, but it soon becomes clear that someone unexpected

is trying to get a message of festive goodwill through to them….

Wishing on a Star

Wishing On A Star

A seasonal collection of short stories

 published 16th November 2014 by Accent Press Ltd.



My short story

Merry Christmas Everybody

is  included.


If you’re into Rock Music,

if you’ve ever wondered what can happen in a recording studio

when the tension and artistic temperament within a band explodes,

if you’d like to read a story based on real events

then look no further.

Rocking Christmas

Wishing On A Star

A seasonal collection of short stories

Featuring stories from

Christina Jones:  Comfort and Joy

Santa Lives: Tricia Maw

A Christmas Murder: Marsali Taylor

No Smoke Without Fire: Bill Kitson

Proof Of The Pudding: Jane Wenham-Jones

What The Dickens!: Caroline Dunford

Merry Christmas Everybody: Jane Risdon

Family Matters: Jane Jackson



Do let me know what you think of my story and the others by commenting here and also by leaving a comment on amazon.

Feedback is always welcome; whatever it is.

Many thanks.





    • Nicky thanks so much, appreciated. You might enjoy it because it is about a rock band….in the studio. Apologies for the swearing though. Do please comment on amazon so the publishers can see what people think…you know how it works! Hope all well with you too 🙂


          • Jane, I really enjoyed this story. LOVED it! It was right up my street, as you can imagine. Well done! I haven’t finished the rest of the anthology yet but hope to do so soon. Keep on writing, my friend, I can’t wait to read more… especially if there’s rock stars in it. Thank you!! XXX

            Liked by 1 person

            • Nicky, so glad you enjoyed it, swearing and all. Thanks for commenting here, appreciated. If you are of a mind and feel like doing me a favour, perhaps you might do the same on amazon for me – every little helps. Don’t feel obliged though. I have left a comment re Fairy Tale in New York, which I really enjoyed and read in one sitting! Reminded me of so many times there with various bands. Well done you too. We are having a ‘love in’ here lol 🙂


    • Many thanks Margot. Appreciate your kind words. Just hoping the publishers enjoy my full length books as much as they do my short stories and I’ll get one published soon. Working hard. 🙂


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