January turned into a busy month: bopping and blogging

January turned into a busy month.

I agreed to write an article for Fireback Records.

 The record label has a new blog on their website featuring all manner of useful tips and articles for song writers and musicians.

Photo courtesy of Fireback Records

My first article for Fireback Records,  The Art of Song Writing, was published January 15th and can be found via this link


They’ve invited me to contribute to their blog regularly and, you never know, I may well be posting more articles in the near future.

I think you will spot the similarities between writing stories and writing songs.

Let me know what you think by leaving the record company a comment on the post, as well as leaving me one here.

I was also interviewed by Creative Frontiers (Martin West) on 21st January and you can find the interview via this link


Logo Courtesy of Creative Frontiers

He posed some interesting questions about my writing which I enjoyed answering no end.

Feedback is always appreciated so do please join the others who’ve left their comments on his blog, and on mine.

On February 1st I was Guest Author on Neal James’ website blog where Neal kindly posted an extract from


which is one of my short stories included in the anthology, In A Word: Murder

(c) Jane Risdon 1991

When British Rock band Dreamer is about to sign their first major deal with a successful record company, who’ve lined up a big hitting American manager, things get heavy.

Big money is coming their way with huge advances and potentially massive song writing royalties,

and soon who wrote what, becomes deadly important.

The link to Neal James’ blog is


If you pop over and read it please let him know what you think, and me of course.

To buy In A Word: Murder

Out in Paperback 14th February 2014 on amazon.co.uk and amazon.com

Out in Paperback 14th February 2014 on amazon.co.uk and amazon.com

where you can also read Dreamer

and my other story, Hollywood Cover Up,


 along with many other wonderful stories by award-winning crime writers,

follow the Amazon link which is on my Amazon Author Page further down this page.


If you do purchase the book and read my story and those of the other authors,

we would appreciate it if you’d leave some feedback on the Amazon site.

It is always helpful to know what our readers think.


In A Word: Murder is in aid of The Princess Alice Hospice

in memory of Maxine Clarke, crime writer, editor and blogger.

You can find the hospice via this link


You can visit Maxine’s  Memorial blog, which is still up and running, via this link


I have an Author Page on Amazon and you can find links to all the books where I have contributed.


I have also been busy with Ms Birdsong Investigates: Murder in Ampney Parva

The Vale of the White Horse - Lavinia Birdsong's home on the Berkshire/Oxfordshire Downs

The Vale of the White Horse – Lavinia Birdsong’s home on the Berkshire/Oxfordshire Downs

 This is the first book in the series and I thought I’d completed it, but as some of you may know

I was inspired by a family wedding in 2013, 

and I soon  found Ms B pushing her way in and giving me a new Ms B story: The Safe House 

The Safe House (c) Jane Risdon 2014

The Safe House (c) Jane Risdon 2014

 which caused some changes in Murder in Ampney Parva.

I then had a fab birthday week last year –  you may have read about – which included a fabulous visit to the Observatory at Herstmonceaux.

Before I could say Sea of Tranquillity,

Ms B was prodding me to write Murder at the Observatory – once again causing me to go back over the first two books and make suitable changes to accommodate her latest investigation.

I do hope she lets me get on with everything before she taps her Manola Blahniks impatiently again.  Time will tell. 

Earth in the distance seen from the Lunar surface (c) NASA 1969

Earth in the distance seen from the Lunar surface (c) NASA 1969


    • Oh how kind of you Margot. I’ve done the first one for Fireback and I am thinking whether or not to do more. I’ve been asked to guest on several blogs but am still hoping to have you on mine at some time, if you are still up for it that is. I am trying to catch up with new writers, reading blogs and getting the co-written book completed. My parts are ready, the other author is working hard and then we have edits to do, but the good news is that the publisher is very interested. So exciting stuff so far. I hope all is well with you and your writing. Let me know about a guest spot here. We can try and make it something really different – about your writing and imagination and so forth perhaps? Let me know and we can come up with something which I/we can schedule. 🙂

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