I’m a Winner: Patti Phillips Picked Me

I’ve won two books from Patti Phillips

which arrived today.

All I had to do was make a comment on one of her posts!

She has sent me two books of my choice:

Cop Town by Karin Slaughter

Cop Town by Karin Slaughter

an author I love ,


a book by a new author for me,

Harm’s Reach

Harm's Reach by Alex Barclay


Alex Barclay

 which I am excited about reading.

Patti runs a fab website writing as the voice of a Detective, Charlie Kerrian,

Follow Kerrian’s blog – ‘Kerrian’s Notebook.’


Detective Charlie Kerrian solved the most important case of his life in One Sweet Motion.

Quitting was never an option.

Patti is an author in her own right.

Do check this page out as there is so much information there for Crime writers and readers

about Finger printing, forensics and so much more,

which is how I discovered Patti and her blog

when I was doing some research for Ms Birdsong Investigates

although her site caters mainly for the USA a great deal of information is relevant elsewhere.

Patti also runs

Night stand Book Reviews.

Nightstand Book Reviews is a site devoted to reviews of books that are great reads.

Under this umbrella are books written by bestselling authors as well as by debut novelists in both e-book and paper format.

Some are traditionally published authors and some are indies.


If you write or read crime, then her sites are a must.

Patti has a Facebook Page too.


Thanks so much Patti, I am thrilled and so pleased you picked me

I can’t wait to read my books.

Jane x


    • So happy that it is sparking the imagination. I like to help other writers and they , in turn, reciprocate when they are able…it is fun too. Thanks for dropping in, fab to see you here. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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