Flash Fiction Friday 093: Summer of Love by Jane Risdon

 Just thought that as it is the Summer Solstice I would post this again.

It is a Flash Fiction piece I wrote

in 2013.

Hope you enjoy it.


Morgen 'with an E' Bailey

Welcome to Flash Fiction Friday and the ninety-third piece in this series. This week’s is a 490-worder by Jane Risdon. This story will be podcasted in episode 30 (with three other stories) on Sunday 11th August.

Summer of Love

They swayed barefoot in time to the hypnotic music of Jefferson Airplane, multi-coloured kaftans flapping in the breeze, their hands high above their heads, eyes closed; the air thick with the sweet fragrance of weed.  All around couples lay on the grass embracing, smoking or just chilling in the hot summer sunshine. Babies slept and small children ran about, giggling, naked, just as drunk as everyone else on the joy of love and life.

The Love-In had been almost spontaneous, a version of Haight Ashbury under the huge shadows of Stonehenge, they’d come from everywhere; by transit vans covered in psychedelic art, by converted Bedford coaches, by motor-bikes with sidecars and…

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  1. I enjoyed your “Summer of Love” piece. But I go back even further, to simpler times, the 50’s.
    I remember we all wore leather jackets and grew long sideburns. We listened to Elvis and sang along. I saw Elvis in concert in 1957, when he was in Chicago for one night. It was great, he wore his gold lame suit. Ah, memories!

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    • Ah Dave, I was but a small child then but I had an uncle who looked like Elvis and he used to wear the teddy boy look and used to drive a pink chevy. We all thought he was the bees knees. I would have loved to have seen Elvis in concert. My uncle used to sing to the hair brush (mic) and I was the Jordannaires. LOL


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