Mothering Sunday: consider the gift which keeps on giving….

Chantry Chapel of Our Lady (Eastbridge Hospital) (c) Jane Risdon 2015

Chantry Chapel of Our Lady (Eastbridge Hospital) (c) Jane Risdon 2015

This weekend in the United Kingdom families will be celebrating Mothering Sunday.  Mothers will receive gifts and cards, be taken out to lunch or dinner and generally spoiled.  Graves of long departed mothers will be visited and fresh flowers left, and thoughts will turn to the person who brought us into this world.

Some of us will be visiting our parent under different circumstances.  Our parent may well be sick, possibly cared for in a Hospice by those with specific skills and a vocation for caring for the terminally ill.  My own mother is still alive and well, however my father passed away after a brief spell in a Hospice, where he was cared for extremely well.  

So I have personal experience of the wonderful care the Hospice movement provides.

Hospices, by the way, depend solely upon contributions to finance them.

I would like to suggest a gift for those whose Mother will be spoiled this weekend, and which will not only give her much reading pleasure, but will also give a gift to such a Hospice – I call it the gift which keeps on giving…

In 2014 I was very privileged to have been  included in an Anthology, In A Word Murder, which was the idea and creation of Margot Kinberg, whose friend, Maxine Clarke, crime writer, blogger (Petrona) and editor, passed away having been cared for in  The Princess Alice Hospice in Surrey.

Margot wanted to benefit the Hospice in memory of her friend and she set about collecting a group of authors, and their short stories, for inclusion in the anthology with all proceeds from the paperback and e-book going to the Hospice.  

The authors include award-winning crime writer Martin Edwards, award-winning poet and novelist Pamela Griffiths, author Paula K Randall: Assistant Professor and crime writer Margot Kinberg: cosy mystery writer Elizabeth S. Craig and crime writer Sarah Ward –  not forgetting myself of course, and with the cover designed by artist and writer, Lesley Fletcher.

In A Word: Murder

In A Word: Murder

The stories included in the anthology are set in the world of publishing; book, magazine, online and music publishing, and feature a crime.

For example:

I have two stories included. In Dreamer, a London-based rock band in 1989 find themselves on the brink of success, with an American super-star manager wanting to sign them, an international record and publishing company contract on the table and huge advances for the taking.  But there is a fly in the ointment; the lead guitarist isn’t part of the package because the American manager wants shot of him or he won’t sign the band, which means the record/publishing contracts won’t happen. The band plot to get rid of the lead guitarist, but there’s only one problem – he writes the songs! Things get very nasty….

In my second story, Hollywood Cover Up, a young English girl lands the job of a lifetime in Beverly Hills, PA to one of the most powerful media men in the business. She is having the time of her life mixing with the movers and shakers in the entertainment business, until she sees something she shouldn’t at the birthday party for a Presidential candidate. She is ‘let go,’ but, unable to gain further employment and with her resources dwindling, she decides to write a novel about her experiences. She gets a publishing deal and that’s when the trouble starts. Eventually she goes into hiding, in fear for her life. She has her former employer hot on her trail, the politician and even the Secret Service all have their own reasons for wanting her dead.

This collection of short stories by award-winning authors, is great value for money and as I mentioned, all proceeds go to The Princess Alice Hospice in memory of Maxine Clark.  

Maxine Clarke Memorial Blog – Petrona:

If you are trying to think of a gift for Mother this Sunday, or at any other time during the year, I would love to think you have considered In A Word: Murder, for the reasons I have given. Hospices do a great job caring for those at the end of their lives and in a very special manner – a different way of caring to that received in our fabulous hospitals.

If you find your way to purchasing this great collection, do let me (us) know, and do give me some feedback from Mother.

Whatever you do and whatever gift you give this Mothering Sunday, have a wonderful time with those you love.

In A Word: Murder – Paperback and e-book:

Links to the contributing authors:

Martin Edwards:

Pamela Griffiths:

Margot Kinberg:

Paula K Randall:

Elizabeth S Craig:

Sarah Ward:

Lesley Fletcher:

Jane Risdon:

(c) Jane Risdon 2014

(c) Jane Risdon 2014


  1. Fascinating article – like you, I didn’t go to see those things when I lived in London, why does one only see things when one doesn’t live nearby?
    I have read (and got) both your stories 🙂 I look forward to reading more.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Tina, thanks so much. Yes I think when you are young life is so much more in the moment and not in the past and we see historic buildings as fuddy duddy or they don’t appear on the radar all. Life in the 60s at that time in London was all music, fashion and the vibe. So glad you enjoyed some of the stories. there are 7 in various books published. Lots of shorts on here if you look – not all crime!! The flash fiction is about all sorts. Hopefully when CJ is ready OOW will be out sooner rather than later LOL. I think you’ll enjoy it….hope you will. 🙂


    • Exactly, my thoughts too. Such a worthy cause and with such benefits for the purchaser and the hospice and with a book you can read and read again…so it is a fab way to consider gift giving. 🙂


    • Val Poore, thanks so much, I always try to share my jollies and I have been on a few. Do check out some of the others, if you enjoyed this, you may well enjoy the others. Thanks for the reblogg, much appreciated. 🙂


    • I tried to go to your page again and had the same problem I had last time…it does not exist apparently but I have seen it so I know it does…wonder if you need to investigate? xx


    • I expect she has a love of reading and it must be frustrating for her. Yes, perhaps short stories are the way to go. I know people on the tube and bus on the way to work are most often able to read a short story, as they can often finish them during the to and from journeys, which apparently is quite satisfying. Let me know if you get her to cope with short stories. I wish her a happy mothering Sunday and fun reading whatever she managed to cope with 🙂 xx

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you, Jane, for reminding everyone of this anthology – much appreciated! And thank you for your own excellent contributions.

    Liked by 1 person

    • My pleasure Margot, it is a great time of year to think of this as a gift. One sale already, so fingers crossed. Every little helps, and I know Hospices are going through tough times at the moment. Proud to have a small part in this. I shall continue to do my little bit when I can. 🙂 xx

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Jane, a very worthy cause indeed. My family has had close support with hospice, up in Yorkshire and we all agreed that they do such amazing work, the staff are amazing and always work above the call of duty; humour, kindness and consideration shining through at all times. What terrific sounding stories and I’ll buy this for myself!

    Liked by 1 person

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