TUESDAY TALK – Today I’m with Jane Risdon talking about writing, photography and life in the music world

Today I am chatting with Jo Lambert over on her blog, about my life in music, writing and photography. Grab a glass of something you enjoy and if you drop in, say hello to Jo and thank her for having me.


Good morning Jo, thanks so much for inviting me to natter with you this lovely Tuesday morning. Go ahead, ask me whatever you like

Lovely to have you here for a chat Jane. Can I start as I usually do by asking you a little about yourself?

Let’s see, I’ve been married to the same person, a musician (lead guitarist), for the last 45 years and we’ve been together 48. Which to us doesn’t seem possible. Where has all the time gone? We’ve been having way too much fun. We are both still 20 in our heads.  We met when his band came to live near my home. He was over from Jersey (Channel Isles) on tour in support of their first record. It was insanity at first sight. I was still at school and suddenly the most popular girl there once my class mates realised there was a band…

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  1. Just read this in full Jane – great interview!! You don’t seem to have changed since I met you all those years ago…….circa 1976??? Seems’ a life time ago!!
    Thanks to Jo as well……..next stop for me Jane is The Honey Trap 🙂 🙂 🙂

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    • Jan, so glad you enjoyed this and all the other parts of the blog. I keep myself out of mischief. Enjoy the Honey Trap and let me know what you think…there are several stories here and flash fiction pieces. Links to my books too….should keep you out of mischief whilst awaiting another party in Oz xxxxx


  2. When I was a kid, I didn’t feel like my life was bad, but I was expected to be a ‘grown-up’ when I was only 10 or 11. Looking back at that mess, I realize it was not an ideal childhood. Being an introvert, I always enjoy being alone, I get so much done. With all the other kids around, I often tried to find them something to do so they’d stay out of my hair. Once I made my sisters a picnic lunch and sent them on an adventure. They had to go under the Freeway through a cement drainage tunnel to a cow pasture, and sit under a big tree. Years later, the eldest of the 3 told me they were so scared and there were mosquitoes biting them! Ha ha, poor kids. I thought I’d given them something fun to do… I didn’t like the real grown-ups to come home, they were often grumpy or handing out chores or sent me to bed before I wanted to go. xx

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  3. I have read some of them and enjoyed them immensely. Learning new bits of info has piqued my interest and I think I had a life a little like you, as I was the oldest of nine in a mixed family, I had a lot of responsibility too. My parents didn’t stay with each other and I always thought how different my life would be if they had.

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    • Thanks for this Jeanice, I love to pique people as often as I can lol. Yep being the eldest of 9 must have been a strain, I know a little how that must have been. I am sorry your parents split up. Mine did not, but I was always the odd one out in the whole show. Too young to be close to them, too old to be close to the kids. No mans land. Still am in that place. I am sorry you didn’t have them both there for you. It must have been hard. Thanks for sharing. Love hearing from you. Enjoy your Wednesday. xx

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    • LOL what are you like! Leave Jo a message when you read it and digest it. I thought you had already read some of my interviews so had an idea how crazy my life has been.. Still is actually 🙂 xx Let us both know.

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