May Super Star Author – that’s me over on Tag Your Teaser

Tag Your Teaser Super Star Author for May 2016

Tag Your Teaser Super Star Author for May 2016

Jane Risdon is May Super Star Author 2016All throughout May 2016 I am the featured Super Star Author on


and I hope you’ll drop over to the site and see what they have done for me there.

I shall be dropping in from time to time to add photos,

write a little about this and that, and answer any questions left for me.

May Super Star Author Jane Risdon

I do hope you will join us. 



In A Word: Murder thanks Tag Your Teaser


Thanks so much Tag Your Teaser and thanks everyone for dropping in and leaving such kind messages and comments.

You rock!          

TAg Your Teaser I Am Woman

Jane Risdon on Social Media

Jane Risdon is May Super Star Author


  1. Reblogged this on Wild and Woolly Wordsmithing and commented:
    The lovely and accomplished Jase Risdon not only shared some awesome information on Tag Your Teaser, she’s the featured author of the month! Please check out her blog, especially her jollies. I learn more about the landmarks of England every time I read one. Congratulations, Jane!

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    • Oh wow thanks so much for reblogging – appreciated and a fab place for authors…oh and I am thrilled you enjoy my ‘jollies’ and I hope to add a couple more soon. I love that I ‘educate’ you…LOL. I am not Mrs Robinson however, just in case you were wondering folks….:)


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