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Safe Houses, Panic Rooms, A Family Wedding and Inspiration for a series of novels…

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Jane Risdon
Inspiration for writers comes from the strangest and most unexpected places I find and usually when you least expect it. I’d been happily writing my first book in the series Ms Birdsong Investigates, having decided upon her character, her background and the full plot with over 20,000 words written, when a family wedding changed all that.

Set in 6,000 acres of the most beautiful countryside in rural Kent the wedding venue was grand, impressive, and steeped in history; just my kind of place. A rambling, not quite stately home, but I wouldn’t say no if offered it. The rooms were all wood panelled, lots of carved ceilings and pillars, and grand stair-cases to die for. You get the idea.

01The Grand House where Ms Birdsong had a plot change

02Gardens of the Wedding Venue

My accommodation was fantastic; a grand four poster bed stood in the middle of the…

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