Thea Hartley (Phillips) is my Guest Author today: an amazing woman

Today I am pleased to welcome author

Thea Hartley (Phillips)

as my guest at the end of her blog tour.

I think you will agree, once you’ve read about her journey to writing, that she is a remarkable lady.

Thea was born and bred in Merthyr Tydfil, and attended Cyfarthfa Castle Grammar School.

Thea Hartley Author

Thea Hartley Author

She married young, and lived on the local Gurnos Estate, having three children by the age of twenty. Aware that she had not explored her educational opportunities, she became a mature student, obtaining a Psychology degree from The University of Glamorgan, followed by a Masters’ and PGCE at Cardiff University.

Thea became a practicing Psychologist and lecturer, a career which spans  over thirty years.

During this time, she had research and educational papers published, plus some fictional articles and inclusion in two poetry anthologies.

Unfortunately, in 2007, Thea developed a degenerative eye disease, which  deteriorated rapidly, until she was no longer able to work.

Finding herself at home, for the first time in many years, she decided to write the book she had always wanted to write:

A biography of her Grandfather, Tommy Horton, who moved to Merthyr in 1900 to pursue his fortune.

He had led a very colourful, interesting life, culminating in opening the first factory to produce ‘condoms’ in the UK which opened in 1913.

Thea got in touch with the RNIB, who were extremely helpful in providing the training and equipment to allow her to write despite her failing sight,

This new writing career led to “The French Letter King” her first, acclaimed novel.

The French Letter King

The French Letter King

This became the  first volume of a trilogy about her family.

Since then, Thea has ventured into several genres, including a series of Psychological Crime Mysteries, featuring Resa James, 

psychological thrillers, historical romantic fiction and her latest release

Wear Bright Colours for Me

which explores the fascinating subject of reincarnation.

Such a fascinating life and what an amazing person your Grandfather seems.

Do tell us about your latest book:

Wear Bright Colours For Me

Wear Bright Colours For Me

                                              Wear Bright Colours For Me.

I wrote this book after reading articles and factual books about reincarnation and the theory of karma.

This made me think…” How could this work? What could happen throughout different lives? How would the same groups of people meet up? And Could there really be such a thing as Soulmates?”

Coincidently (or not!) my daughter had a dream in which my late husband appeared to her,

telling her to pass on a message to me …

Wear bright colours for me.” Was that message. I took this as the book’s title.

In addition my small grandson had bonded with a little girl in nursery from the moment they met.

They really seem ‘attached’ to each other, as if they have always been together. This reinforced the idea of ‘Soulmates. ‘

I can related to this Thea. Our son was very young when he first went to nursery and had a special girlfriend – cute as a peach – who he declared undying love for and he told us he wanted to marry her.

He used to save any pennies or sweeties he had just for her. Very serious stuff at the tender age of three.

Back to you Thea:

The result of all these ‘coincidences’ is my book.

A fictional account of two main characters and their nemesis. The ‘Soulmates’ meet in life after life, but are always quickly separated due to tragedy mostly caused by their enemy, who also appears in each historical period.

Other characters also reoccur in different guises, as do common threads.

Each historical period and culture was fully researched, making them stories in their own right.

The question is…will these soulmates be able to finally be together by means of living in a way which produces ‘positive’ karma? Can they overcome the curse of many centuries past. ? What will happen to their nemesis?

This is a story of love, tragedy, mystery, the paranormal, suspense and history. A unique and fascinating read.

It sounds wonderful and a gripping read.

Do share and excerpt with us:

They had almost reached each other’s arms when froth bubbled from Asgaran’s mouth.

He took a cloth and wiped it, seeing that the cloth was now covered in blood.

Asgaran felt dizzy, all his senses whirling. He fell to the ground in a fit… every limb and muscle shaking violently.

“My God what’s happening?”, he tried to ask.

Alina knelt beside him, she tried to quieten him by holding his arms and wiping his head and body with a damp cloth.

However, this was ineffective. “I have been poisoned,” he gasped, knowing without doubt who had been behind it.

Asgaran’s eyes rolled back in his head, he stopped jerking and became still.

His soul departed his body and he too, found himself in a black, whirling, vortex with a small light at the end which became bigger as he was propelled towards it.

Asgaran was on his journey to rebirth, in order to resolve his karma and complete its journey.

No doubt Pylories was there also, waiting to challenge him once again.

Alina wept, large fat tears fell, as she lay on her husband’s body, covering his expressionless face with rivulets of sorrow.

Wow, thanks so much Thea, I’m reaching for the Kleenex now.

To find Thea on Social Media:

Face book.

Twitter  @thea1710


LinkedIn. Thea Phillips.


Wear Bright Colours for Me:

Books by Thea Hartely

                Books by Thea Hartley

Here are Thea’s books – she also writes under other names:

The French Letter King

The French Letter King

The French Letter King

Secrets of the French Letter King (no cover available)

Kith and Kill

Kith and Kill

Kith and Kill

Sticks and Bones

Sticks and Stones

Sticks and Stones

Kill and Cure

Kill and Cure

Kill and Cure

Tooth and Claw

Tooth and Claw

Tooth and Claw

Thea also writes as Thea Phillips:

Rapture Recaptured writing as Thea Phillips (no cover available)

Sensuous Secrets  writing as Thea Phillips (no cover available)

The Counterfeit Wife

The Counterfeit Wife

The Counterfeit Wife

No Refuge ( Amazon Number 1 in free Psychological fiction.)

No Refuge

No Refuge

Gossip Columns. ( winner of the Nano writing challenge 2013) (no cover available)

Thea also writes as T.M. James:

Necessary Deceptions. Writing as T.M. James (no cover available)

The Carousel …..a children’s book (no cover available)

Thicker than Blood.

Thicker Than Blood

Thicker Than Blood

Wear Bright Colours for Me (out now)

Please list books you have coming out soon:

Gone and Forgotten (no 5 in Resa James  Crime Series)

Gone and Forgotten

Gone and Forgotten

The Fall of The French Letter King (Final book in The French Letter King, trilogy) (no cover available)

Thea’s Blog Tour – you can find her guesting on these blogs:

Thea's Blog Tour

             Thea’s Blog Tour

Thea thanks so much for sharing your writing story and telling us about your books.

I am sure everyone is filled with admiration for your achievements given your sight problems and  they’ll be anxious to read your books, especially your latest, which is tantalizing.

Wishing you all the best, thanks again,





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