Guest Post: Jane Risdon (crime author) #damppebblesTakeOver

I have been nattering (again) about crime writing, inspiration and working in music, not to mention horses heads, concrete boots and the influence they’ve had on my writing…drop in to damppebbles and say hello. Thanks Emma Welton for hosting me. I had a blast!

Welcome, welcome, welcome! I am delighted to have crime writer Jane Risdon join me today ondamppebbles. Welcome to my little blog Jane, I’m thrilled that youwere able to stop by.

Emma, thanks so much for the opportunity to post on your blog today. I am thrilled to bits to be here.

For those who have not come across me before here is a little information about how I came to be here:

My name is Jane Risdon and I am a Crime writer. As far as I am aware there isn’t any cure.


I began writing seriously some 5-6 years ago having worked in the International Music Business for most of my adult life, with short spells early on in my career at the Ministry of Defence, The Foreign and Commonwealth Office, The Atomic Energy Research Establishment and Social Services – not as a Social Worker I should add.


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