Crime Writer Nell Peters Talks About Her Story For Madame Movara’s

Another contributor to Madame Movara’s Tales of Terror spills the beans on the inspiration for her story – like me a crime writer who hasn’t read or watched horror like me. Horrific novices are we. Nell Peters fans will love her story: Dead, not gone.

K.A. Hambly


dare u readI generally write crime novels, and although some victims are despatched in gory, most unpleasant ways, I don’t read or write horror and I don’t watch horror films (I’ve never even seen The Exorcist or The Omen!) However, when Kelly asked me if I’d submit to her horror anthology, I said I’d give it a go – especially as all proceeds benefit such a good cause. Fortunately for me, the brief was pretty loose and humour acceptable.

As it turned out, I very much enjoyed turning my mind to something completely different. My piece Dead, Not Gone, isn’t too grisly or blood-curdling, letting the reader’s imagination join the dots and construct the scene being played out:

Grant has been a bit of a cad, marrying ugly duckling Fliss for her money – and now he’s confident he’s committed the perfect crime to get rid of her…

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