Richard Gurl Talks About The Bogeyman & Why It Inspired His Tale Of Terror!

Madame Movara’s Tales of Terror is creeping nearer and nearer. Oct 20th is The Haunting. Be afraid, be very afraid, all manner of creepy crawlies and creatures will be out and about…read more about this fab anthology and the writers – especially Richard Gurl. Follow the link.

K.A. Hambly

dare u read  When Kelly made the call out on Facebook for submissions for an anthology, I jumped at the chance to be included! Heck, this was a great opportunity! Not having much writing experience (at least in the way of stories!), I relished the idea to write something creepy. To create something that would be beneficial for a charity was a great idea, and so the ideas bounced around inside my head. The well of childhood nightmares provided some real memories: There was mum’s porcelain doll that I nervously prodded to prove that it was alive (although I was in two minds about wanting to be proved right); the loft door that separated me from a malign menace that brooded above; the things in the living room that hid behind the armchairs; or the idea that the Devil could move through walls and manifest himself through a kind of living wallpaper…But I…

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