Ghostly Writes Anthology: The Beneficiaries of Secret Cottage – October 2016 via Plaisted Publishing

Ghostly Writes Anthology 2016

Ghostly Writes Anthology 2016

Ghostly Writes Anthology Published by 

Plaisted Publishing House                 ghostly-writes-banner-with-owl

 31st October 2016


My short story:

The Beneficiaries of Secret Cottage.

by Jane Risdon

The Beneficiaries of Secret Cottage

The Beneficiaries of Secret Cottage

The bed vibrated as if on some sort of mechanical device and her body shook and convulsed as she tried hard to hang on to the sides to prevent falling off.

She sensed that the room was still pitch black and she knew she wasn’t alone.

She couldn’t open her eyes, they felt glued shut, and anyway she was too afraid of what she might glimpse.

Faster and faster the bed vibrated beneath her making it almost impossible to keep hold of the mattress. 

She prayed for it to stop but knew it would be a while longer. It always went on for an eternity it seemed and then, just as suddenly, all would be still.

And the terror would begin….


I do hope this has whetted your appetite enough to lead you to this anthology and the many stories on offer, and to reading the rest of my short story.  The other authors are all blogging about this anthology and you can follow them by clicking on their names further down.



  The eBook  is FREE and will be available world-wide from the 31st October

and the Paperback edition is available for purchase:

And many other book sites.

A fantastic opportunity to discover new writers and their work; a great keepsake.

Claire Plaisted, of Plaisted Publishing says:

It is that time of year again when authors love to haunt you with our scary, horror filled books that will thrill anyone who loves Halloween.

Ghostly Writes Anthology is presented to you by Plaisted Publishing House, Ltd, New Zealand, with a contributions by 26 Authors from around the world.  

Each story has its own focus, be it a haunting or not. There are creepy cottages, houses and creatures. Some you won’t want to read at night.

One thing you will notice is that we have left the English Grammar and Spelling in the country of origin – like it or not, it is what it is – English from around the globe.

This year our authors and their stories are:

A Dying Scream – J G Clay

Cabins – J B Taylor

Caedes – Adam Mitchell

Canvas – Sarah Mosier

Chaconne – Neil Newton

Death has a Sound – Rocky Rochford

Embers of Webber Street – Karen J Mossman

Eternally Connected – JLC Roche

Ghost in the Machine – Eve Merrick-Williams

Ghost of a Chance – Wendy Steele

Haunted House Arrest – Jennifer Deese

Hello Dear – Stewart Bint

Luella – Kyrena Lynch

Mother Called Today – Mike Elliott

Natatorium-Adele Marie Parks

Play Time – Amy Budd

Ruby Kisses – Jessica Wren

Sitting on a Cloud – C A Keith

Soul Man – Claire Plaisted

Spools of Thread – Ashley Uzzell

The Beneficiaries of Secret Cottage – Jane Risdon

The Curse of Havencrest – Cayleigh Stickler

The Ghost of Rose Cottage – Marjorie Hembroff

The House on the Hill – Jim Adams

The Thin Place – Elizabeth H Newton

Here are a few of the teasers to enjoy.

                             14641957_10209669863876063_4361141069408314893_n      14650519_10154551260284417_6215954267062495740_n14650530_1281950171855181_6756112078895065085_n

         14681845_10209600757788454_6668877050703082724_n        14706760_10154062165774389_8885436568396514746_o             14721726_10154610613582533_4236590918974838748_n        14696898_1838742316412219_1501415758_n

If you wish to have more information: 

Our official book trailer is on YouTube along with two others made by authors who are participating in this years anthology.

I do hope you enjoy this anthology. It was fund writing for it. A change from Crime writing for me. 

Thanks for dropping in, let me know what you think.

Jane xx


    • Many thanks Claire, really appreciated. I have enjoyed writing for the anthology and wish you and everyone the very best with it and with their individual careers. It is a fab collection. Thanks for all your hard work.:) xx


  1. We (the royal ‘we’) are done with editing. I’ve heard back from all of my beta readers except one (still trying to find the time to read it). The reaction is unanimous that it’s fabulous, funny as Hell and a hit. Now, I also have a cover design that I really like. I have to hold off pubbing it until after the holidays — got a publisher who seems interested in it and me, plus I may be entering it in the Amazon Scout program. So, with all this time on my hands, I’m madly casting about for an idea for the next book in the series, but have been sidetracked by all this election folderol. How about you? You have even more on your plate than I do. How is it all going?

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  2. CONGRATS, JANE!!!! I tried to leave a comment on your blog about this, but got a ‘404’ notice that the link you inlcuded doesn’t exist. Thought you’d like to know. Best of luck with the anothology! Thanks. -Jeff

    Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

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    • Oh I think because it posted when it was not scheduled to and the scheduled post was Another Jolly – having a mare of a day with WP and mail passwords etc since the Chinese hackers had a go at my accounts. As if I have anything worth stealing there. Thanks so much anyway and thanks for telling me. How is Chump Change doing?

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