2016: A Year of Jollies, Anthologies and Forensic Criminology.


Seasons Greetings

to all my wonderful friends, old and new, who have been kind enough to join me here and who have read and enthusiastically commented on my posts.

Your visits are so very welcome and much enjoyed by me and obviously by those dropping by.

Thanks so much for all your support and kindness throughout this last year

and earlier years I’ve dabbled in this blogging lark.

It has been a busy year for me once more.

Eltham Palace (c) Jane Risdon 2016

Eltham Palace (c) Jane Risdon 2016

I’ve been treated to some really fabulous ‘jollies,’ and I have a lot more to post here as soon as time permits.

I’ve recently been on several – I’ve been spoiled rotten and it’s been fabulous.

Mevagissy (c) Jane Risdon 2016

Mevagissy (c) Jane Risdon 2016

I’m really encouraged by the reaction my little forays garner, especially the photos and the historical snippets I try to include with each post. It’s great to share my experiences and it seems that my posts have inspired many of you to visit some of these places.

Churchill's home (c) Jane Risdon 2016

Churchill’s home (c) Jane Risdon 2016

I really hope you weren’t disappointed.

The feedback you give is really encouraging. Thanks so much.

Virginia Waters (c) Jane Risdon 2016

Virginia Waters (c) Jane Risdon 2016

Virginia Waters (c) Jane Risdon 2016

Virginia Waters (c) Jane Risdon 2016

After a very long pregnancy


has left the computers of both myself and Christina Jones (my co-author),

and is now with our publishers Accent Press Ltd and the delectable Greg.

The plan is for the novel to be published in May 2017 – watch this space. It should be in Paperback  and eBook and I understand there are plans for an Audio-book too.

A departure – for me –  from Crime fiction, OOW is a story we have both been itching to write for many years.

Only One Woman for lovers of music, fashion and everything late 1960s

Only One Woman for lovers of music, fashion and everything late 1960s

Chrissie and I have been friends since our teens – we move fast as you can tell!

She was my husband’s band Fan Club Secretary as well as a successful Rock Journalist interviewing the rich and famous, and the most gorgeous Rock stars. I’m not jealous at all.

She also wrote for a lot of the Teen magazines at that time.

Christina Jones is now an award-winning successful author of over 30+ books.

The 1960s setting for Only One Woman

The 1960s setting for Only One Woman

More details as and when we get them.

Christina Jones and her books:


In addition to the ongoing Work in Progress -‘Ms Birdsong Investigates’ – which seems to be taking me forever to write, I am been very privileged to have been included in three anthologies.

The first, Madame Movara’s Tales of Terror, still on sale but only until January 2017, has been the work of 29 authors and 2 illustrators and was the brain child of author Kelly Hambly.

Madame Movara's Tales of Terror: Hardback and Paperback in aid of Save The Children

Madame Movara’s Tales of Terror: Hardback and Paperback in aid of Save The Children

Her link: http://www.facebook.com/newbloods

All proceeds go to Save The Children (The International Children’s Charity).

So far sales have exceeded expectations and this can only be good news for Save The Children.

Caroline Munro with Madame Movara's Tales of Terror

Caroline Munro with Madame Movara’s Tales of Terror

The hardback edition is fully illustrated throughout. I love it.

The Paperback edition comes with a choice of 2 covers and they are both illustrated throughout as well – in colour.

Madame Movara’s Tales of Terror is published by Willow Creek Publishing.

My story is called ‘Haunting Melody.’

I got the inspiration for the story when looking at some photos of  one of my favourite places, Big Bear Mountain and Lakes in San Bernadino, California.

The foreword has been written by iconic Hammer Horror movie actress and former Bond (007) girl Caroline Munro who has been a wonderful asset and has helped gain interest from many established and iconic Horror magazines such as Scream.

The links for these are:




I have also contributed towards

The Beneficiaries of Secret Cottage by Jane Risdon 2016

The Beneficiaries of Secret Cottage by Jane Risdon 2016

Ghostly Writes Anthology 31st Oct 2016

Ghostly Writes Anthology 31st Oct 2016

Ghostly Writes Anthology 2016

published by  Claire Plaisted, Plaisted Publishing House.


Along with 26 other authors from around the world I contributed my story

‘The Beneficiaries of Secret Cottage.’

The inspiration for my story came thinking about Wills and those who have expectations and those who find themselves inheriting something out of the blue, from someone they didn’t even now existed.

Ghostly Writes is available in Paperback and eBook.

the eBook is FREE

for Paperback price follow the links. 

The links are:







Barnaby Rogers PI and the Case of the Singing Canary: Cue Murder

Barnaby Rogers PI and the Case of the Singing Canary: Cue Murder

I have also written a short story for another anthology, A Stab in the Dark: Cons, Dames and G-Men

which is due for publication in early 2017 and is the brain-child of Adam Mitchell.

A Stab in the Dark: Cons, Dames and G Men

A Stab in the Dark: Cons, Dames and G Men

This eBook will be FREE

The Golden Age of Detection is the theme for these stories and this is a first for me.

I love the GAD but have never written anything set in the late 1930’s before.

My story is called ‘Cue Murder,’

and I was inspired by the story of Movie Star Lupe Velez – The Mexican Spitfire.

The Mexican Spitfire Lupe Velez

The Mexican Spitfire Lupe Velez


One of my husband’s great aunts, Elizabeth Risdon, was a movie actress, acting with some of the great leading men of the age and she starred in several movies with Lupe Velez and talking about her recently reminded me of how Lupe died.  

I shall be posting more about Lupe and Elizabeth nearer the publication of Stab in the Dark.


Elizabeth Risdon

Elizabeth Risdon

Earlier in the year I was fortunate enough to contribute my short story

‘A Walk to Destiny’ to dottyandthedreamers online magazine.

The magazine is FREE

Here is the link: http://writingat.wixsite.com/dottyandthedreamers/issue-2

Late December 2016 they will also be publishing two more short stories I’ve written. 

‘You can run, but you cannot hide.’


‘Murder by Christmas.’

If you read any of these stories or buy any books, do be kind and let me and the other authors know your thoughts and if you are able to leave a review anywhere, that would be wonderful. Thanks.

Whilst beavering away at all this I have been busy educating myself.

Crime Scene Investigations

Crime Scene Investigations

Last September (2015) I started the first of four Forensic Science Online University courses and in early December 2016 I completed my last.

I also managed to fit in another course in Archaeology.

Time Team was a huge favourite and I am still mourning its loss from TV.


I wanted to better understand Crime Scene Investigations, Forensic Anthropology and  Forensic Science in relation to Criminal Justice, so that I might write Crime stories with more accuracy.

Jane Risdon is May Super Star Author 2016

I may not actually include what I’ve learned in my writing – never one to blind people with science I hope – but for my own understanding of what happens at the crime scene (who is there and why for example) and during examination of unidentified bones, and also how to identify a victim given no items were left in a shallow grave for example, other than bones. Also the investigation of Witness Statements and eventual Prosecution of someone accused of Murder.


It has been so interesting, informative and enthralling to study this and have tutors world-renown for their expertise in their field.

I have learned so much. Even my Archaeology Course came in handy!

As soon as I get my act together I shall be posting more ‘jollies,’ undertaken since the summer which I hope you will enjoy.

Most activities, especially in the early Autumn, involved a lot of physical effort and outdoor activity. 

The Lake District (c) Jane Risdon 2016

The Lake District (c) Jane Risdon 2016

I managed to amaze myself just how high I can climb in pursuit of ‘that view.’

Peak District (c) Jane Risdon 2016

Peak District (c) Jane Risdon 2016

The Peak District (c) Jane Risdon 2016

The Peak District (c) Jane Risdon 2016

Well, now you can see what I have been up to this year and I am looking forward to a busy 2017.

I’d like to thank you all for being here and for your kind participation in my blog. It’s been another blast!

I look forward to seeing you all again next year and do bring your friends along too.

For those celebrating


and to you ALL a very


I am not packing up shop just yet

I am hoping to feature an interview with an Accent Press Crime Writer here before the end of December so keep ’em peeled. 

Do drop in and leave a comment – always welcome and appreciated.

All photos (c) Jane Risdon 2016 except book covers which are (c) to the artists/publishers  and Lupe Velez and Elizabeth Risdon


  1. What a busy year! Well done you! And I’m interested to see in your comment above that it’s not just me that tears her hair out over finding photos! I too love reading your jollies – next best thing to going myself 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Janice, we shall form the bald photographers and writers forum…thanks for being here. Appreciated and I love that you feel you have been on a jolly with me. It is fun sharing the experiences and photos. I love getting feedback too. Often people tell me something I didn’t discover on my visit. Happy Christmas and 2017 and Pop back soon. I have several trips to write up and post soon. 🙂 xx


    • Ah Carol, thanks so much. I love it when you pop in and comment. Always welcome and enjoy hearing your thoughts. Thanks so much. I hope I can come up with more interesting things for you to enjoy. 🙂


  2. Jane, thank you so much for sharing your ‘jollies’ with us this year. The photography has been beautiful and your descriptions even or so. Every time you post one, I get to take a (too) brief vacation from whatever is in front of me at the time. My thanks, and wishes for a very Merry Christmas and the happiest of new years. Thank you again.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I am so glad you get to travel with me even if from your armchair. I aim to please. I am just thrilled you are here and that we can share a giggle together. I have some lovely ones coming up when I get time to write them up and have found the photos. Google in its wisdom likes to scatter my photos all over my computer and hates returning them to their allotted albums. All for the fun of it. Just love hunt the photo. Windows 10 sucks big time LOL xx


  3. You have had a busy year, Jane! Congratulations on all that you have accomplished, and I wish you much success with your releases. Such good news! Thanks for sharing your travels with us, and look forward to more in the new year!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks so much Margot. Yes some real delights coming up travel-wise but I need to find the photos as Windows and Google have conspired to scatter them all over the show and not in the albums I first placed them. Appreciated. Any sign of the Red villain in your neck of the woods? I herd he might show up on 24/25th – got a big one planned! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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