In A Word: Murder – murder is murder and worth reading about whatever the time of year.

In A Word: Murder

A simple book, article, review or blog post.

What could possibly go wrong?

Everything, as this International collection of short Crime stories shows. 

In A Word: Murder

Each story takes a slightly different look at the world of words, but each one shows how dangerous writing can be.

A number of International authors have contributed to this anthology,

in aid of The Princess Alice Hospice,

and in memory of Maxine Clarke, writer, blogger and editor.

The anthology is the creation of Margot Kinberg, author and academic

and the artwork is by author and illustrator Lesley Fletcher.


I have two stories included:


Hollywood Cover Up.

I call this the gift which keeps on giving.

It is a fabulous read whatever time of the year, but at Christmas time it is a perfect gift not only for the reader, but for the Hospice – all proceeds  go to help support their fantastic work.

The Princess Alice Hospice.

We do hope you will consider giving In A Word: Murder

to your crime reading relatives and friends this year 

and benefit not just them but those nearing the end of their life.

Crime Scene Investigations

Thanks so much.

Happy Christmas


Margot Kinberg

Martin Edwards

Pamela Grifitths

Paula K. Randall

Jane Risdon

Elizabeth S. Craig

Sarah Ward



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