Summer of Love

Some fun for the coming summer – a piece of Flash Fiction I wrote a while ago is included in Magic of Stories today. Feeling groovy? Pop over and chill with The Summer of Love. Wave when you get there. Peace and love everyone xxx

Karen J. Mossman

by Jane Risdon

Summer of love

They swayed barefoot in time to the hypnotic music of Jefferson Airplane, multi-coloured kaftans flapping in the breeze, their hands high above their heads, eyes closed; the air thick with the sweet fragrance of weed. All around couples lay on the grass embracing, smoking or just chilling in the hot summer sunshine. Babies slept and small children ran about, giggling, naked, just as drunk as everyone else on the joy of love and life.

The Love-In had been almost spontaneous, a version of Haight Ashbury under the huge shadows of Stonehenge, they’d come from everywhere; by transit vans covered in psychedelic art, by converted Bedford coaches, by motor-bikes with sidecars and on foot. Somehow the word had spread and hundreds of Flower People were now mingling with bewildered Druids all waiting for that moment tomorrow morning; the Summer Solstice.

Smiling girls, the waft of musk heavy upon…

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  1. Though I was ever at Stonehenge and I wan’t lucky enough to be a twenty something Greek God (knowing my luck it would have been Somnos) There is much about that magical time I remember, not least the Hope that we were going to see an end to war, and if it had to be by making love then we all must make sacrifices.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

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