3rd Anniversary of signing our Contract for Only One Woman with Accent Press Ltd.

In April 2014 I signed my first contract with Accent Press and today is the 3rd anniversary of signing the contract for Only One Woman with Accent Press in 2014.

It has been hard work – two authors trying to synchronize their writing and personal lives in order to write a novel together, it was never going to be easy.

But we recently sent in the final edits (please, please Kate, let them be the final edits and additions) and we hope we are still on target for our November publication schedule. 

Christina Jones and I have worked ourselves crazy putting this story down. It has been blood, sweat and tears – seriously it has! We have laughed and cried writing it, and putting our experiences of the late 1960s down has been an amazing experience. Chrissie is of course a (dare I say) veteran of the publishing world, having written many books and received many awards, whereas I am a relative new comer in book publishing, with experience mainly in Crime writing.

A change of genre for me, OOW has been such an interesting challenge – no dead bodies, no crimes to be plotted and eventually solved. It has been hard not to throw in the odd body just for the hell of it.

I have been instrumental in the signing of many contracts over the years with Music Publishers, Record companies and Tour Management companies on behalf of many others, but none was such a thrill as signing contracts upon my own behalf in April 2014, and for the contract for OOW on 8th August 2014 with Chrissie.

Now it is out of our hands as we await the next phase in this adventure together. Thanks for your hard work and lifetime friendship Chrissie. Who’d have thought that shared musical experiences almost 50 years ago would bring us to this point in time…we didn’t.

Happy OOW contract signing Anniversary Chrissie.

This time next year we’ll all be millionaires.


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