Dear Readers…check out our FAB reviews on Amazon, GoodReads and on our own Facebook Page…

Dear Readers,

Since Only One Woman was published 23rd November 2017 we have been garnering some FAB 5* and 4*reviews

on Amazon and GoodReads,

 with some fab comments on our Only One Woman Facebook page….

here are a few so far to temp you with:

on 25 November 2017
on 24 November 2017
 Do go and take a peep.
You know how much a review means to all authors….
Much more than a love story,
Only One Woman delves deep into the emotions of young people growing up in a time of world change, innovation in music and fashion, and changes in society in England during the late 1968.1969 closing years of the Swinging Sixties. 

For those yet to discover Only One Woman: 

Hello – we are Renza Rossi and Stella Deacon, and like most girls in the 1960s we kept diaries. Proper written diaries – with daily entries from 1968 through to the end of the decade, chronicling our life, the fashions, the music, the excitement – and our love affairs….

Which, is just as well – because although we didn’t know it, and we certainly didn’t know each other, miles apart geographically and with totally different lifestyles, we were both in love with the same boy… 
How this came about, the ups and downs, the laughter, the tears, the heartbreak, and how it was resolved – all played out to a 1960s background of love and peace and rock’n’roll – is covered in the amalgamation of our diaries – which we’ve put together and called ONLY ONE WOMAN. 

We very much hope that they’ve whetted your appetite and you’re now longing to read the rest…Only One Woman was published November 23rd 2017.
Meantime take a look around.
With love,
Renza and Stella XXX

Because we are having so much fun we have set up a Facebook Page for ourselves: Only One Woman – we have snippets from the book, music posts and more.

If you recall the 1960s it is fun to revisit those times and if it is all new to you, then pop over and see what all the fuss has been about.

Renza and Stella have their own YouTube Playlists for you to listen to whilst reading.

You can buy our book in the UK, USA and Australia although it is available worldwide.


Epub: £1.99

Paperback £7.99

 USA $2.57

 Australia $3.99:

The Paperback and Audio book will follow 24th May 2018 in all good stores.

Two girls, one guitarist.


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