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Gosh, a long article by yours truly about the decades it has taken for Christina Jones and I to write Only One Woman and then see it in paperback, having wanted to write together for soo long. Epic comes to mind. If you love the music of the 1960s this will ring your bell and should, we hope, take you up and over 11.


It is with great pleasure that I welcome the wonderful Jane Risdon to my Guest Writer Spot, with this super article about her incredible writing journey.

Decades of Patience.

This past week has seen the culmination of more than 5 years working on a novel with my co-author Christina Jones. It seems such a long time to work on one book when I notice other authors publishing two and sometimes three a year. I don’t think we are slow writers. I can work to a deadline and submit well before the designated time when writing on my own and have done so throughout this time. She can as well, and does. I don’t think it is because we are two very different authors either. Christina is an award-winning, best-welling author of what she calls ‘Bucolic Frolics,’ whereas I write crime and thrillers mostly, but I don’t think this has…

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