Louise Mullins: Best-Selling Psychological Thriller Author – with Movie Rights Signed – is My Guest Author Today

Louise Mullins Author

Today I’d like to welcome best-selling author Louise Mullins.

Let’s find out all about her and her writing in her own words:

‘I didn’t intend to become a crime writer…’

My first title, The House of Secrets is based on the story of Isabella, a Victorian woman who is sent to an asylum by her cruel husband after the tragic death of her children in a house fire, because she regularly speaks to their spirits and is labelled insane.

Mental health was my focus, but inside the asylum Isabella makes friends with a female resident named Anne. When they flee the asylum to escape treatment, Isabella soon learns that Anne has committed an awful crime, and wonders if she’s put herself in worse danger.

Lavender Fields began as a love affair in WW2, and followed a similar path. Both contain murder.

Movie Rights Sold

I wrote my first psychological thriller, Scream Quietly in 2015.

It was an instant hit, becoming an Amazon bestseller twice, and six months after its release I signed a deal allowing a major US film producer the movie rights.

It’s currently in production.

Wow that is fantastic, congratulations Louise.

The success of Scream Quietly, spurred me on, and I continued writing. Three books later, The Perfect Wife became a top 10 bestseller, followed by One Night Only.

In 2016, I secured a book deal and signed a publishing contract with Bloodhound Books, who have been amazing.

Once again, many congratulations.

While most of my thrillers are categorized as “domestic noir” or “psychological chillers” my latest series – the first I’ve ever written – is very different. These titles are more hard-boiled. They’re “action-packed” according to one early reader, and are a mixture of psychological crime thriller/police procedural.

They’re also based in the US. Not only have I had to adapt to ensuring my narrators speak in authentic southern drawl while using different words to describe things, but I’ve had to write each title in UK English.

Each title covers several topical subjects, interwoven with current social issues that are affecting every one of us alive today.

I’ve researched arms dealing, gang crime, and mass cult practices, as well as digging out assignments from my university days to add information on gender studies, racial inequality, and authoritarianism in culture.

The main themes in LUCKY are addiction, human trafficking, and drug smuggling.

There is the troubling truth of police corruption underlying the novel, and the worrying knowledge that every choice we make has a consequence, which both shapes our view of the past, and has repercussions for our future.

Despite the gloomy subject matter, Lucky is placed in the scenic beauty of southern America, interspersed with the golden beaches and dry desolate highways of Mexico during one scorching summer.

The atmosphere in Detective Jackson’s office is tense, but the investigation unfolds alongside Lucky’s journey across state borders, passing through the steep inclines of the Rio Grande, and the rose-tinted sunsets that coat the horizon above cornfields over the stagnant South Valley canal where the unidentified bodies of Hispanic prostitutes are being dumped.

Louise’s Bio:

Louise Mullins writes full-time using the experience she gained in a prior life working in the field of forensic mental health and psychological therapy, working with offenders and survivors of serious crimes.

She admits to a serious book addiction and spends a lot of her spare time reading (all for research purposes of course). She enjoys psychological thrillers, historical fiction, and autobiographies.

She lives in Bristol (England) with her husband and three children.

Contact Louise Mullins via her website, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn to keep updated with her latest releases.


The Blurb:

Albuquerque, US:

A series of seemingly unrelated deaths spark a major multiple homicide investigation for Detective Jackson, involving crimes that cross state lines and lead into Mexico. But with no forensic print, no witnesses, and a lengthy wait to identify the victims, there are no suspects. That is until several members of a drug cartel are killed off one by one, drawing her closer to danger and further from the answers she desperately needs.

Juarez, Mexico:

When Californian born prostitute Leona is offered work in a Tijuana strip club, it quickly becomes a nightmare in which there is no escape. Trafficked across Mexico with a hit on her head, her only chance of survival is to join the cartel. The same cartel responsible for the recent slayings on Detective Jackson’s turf.

Faced with limited options, the two women’s survival depends on whether they have it in them to kill. The tragic consequences of whatever choice they make will prove fatal, but will also push the investigation towards a dramatic conclusion.

South Valley where LUCKY is based.

Thanks so much for being my guest author Louise, I wish you much success with your Movie and with your future books.

Here’s where you can find Louise’s books.

Website: https://www.louisemullinsauthor.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MullinsAuthor

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LouiseMullinsAuthor

Grab your copy of Lucky here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Lucky-Trust-Death-Valley-Book-ebook/dp/B078N9YXF7/

All photos are (c) Louise Mullins. 


















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