Samantha Juste Dolenz RIP.

5 years have passed since Samantha Juste passed away. Remembering her today.

Jane Risdon

Samantha Juste Dolenz: 1944-2.2.14

Photo (c) Unknown.   

Every now and again something makes you stop and take stock. 

Today I was sad to hear of the death of Samantha Juste Dolenz – ex-wife of The Monkees drummer and ex Circus Boy actor, Mickey Dolenz. 

Samantha was a former model and Top Of The Pops presenter.

Not a major player on the stage of politics, human rights ,or anything which would warrant a lot of attention from me normally; I don’t consider myself that shallow.

I don’t often get upset about the demise of a celebrity; mega-star, super-star or any other star.  For some reason the death of Samantha Juste has upset me a lot.

The look and the era. 

Phone of Jane Risdon (c) 1968 Photo of Jane Risdon (c) 1968

 She was quite a bit older than me but even so the image she projected was similar to the one I saw every day in the mirror and so did…

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